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    « on: October 20, 2016, 11:05:33 AM »

    The official opening of Lineage 2 Interlude PVP server is set on 22 October

    Server Website www.l2-immortal.com

    Server specs

        Chronicles of server: Interlude - Classic.
        Rates: Instance 80 LvL.
        Profession is received automatically.
        Free B grade on Start
        Cpanel ALT+B.
        7 main locations for farming / PvP : Ketra, Varca, Woa, IT,Fog,HS,4s

    New Features:

        Reworked whole Interlude client and server side now is you can fill High Graphic and Performance like GF or H5
        You can play with any client ( From C6 to H5 and any Os Windows/Linux/OS X)
        You can Share you item information with other player by click on item while pressing the "Shift" button
        Reworked radar
        After creating clan you will get 5 lvl on start, Rep and Egg's can be obtained only from Raid Bosses
        Only Goddard Castle Siege
        4 Quest to obtain S grade and Unseen "Immortal Power"
        Vote Reward In Game you will obtain premium buffs for vote in top sites
        4 Clan hall's in Goddard can be obtained
        Economy system

    Sub-Class and Nooblese:

         No subclass quest it's free, Max subclass 3
         No nobless quest, Caradine letter from Grocery

    Enchant info:

        Safe Enchant +4
        Max enchant +12
        Enchant scroll rate 66-70%


        Full buff Available
        Npc buffer with Scheme
        Vote buffer (can be obtained premium buff's like resist's, malaria and other)
        Max buff 36
        4 Hours time (in Olympiad Retail)


        Life stone skill Chance 10%
        You can have   1 Active + 1 Passive

    Raid Bosses:

        14 Raid Bosses located in all Hunting Zones
        No direct teleport provided, location can be foundet on Map also Drop, Spawn status you can check at Gatekepper
        Respawn time 12 H

    Voice Commands:

        .online To see server online
        .ping  To see you Ping
        .vote To vote for server
        .tvtjoin To join TvT
        .tvtleave To leave TvT


        Retail Olympiad games
        Competition period 1 Week
        Start 18:00 end 00:00


    Some more Features and News will be updated before Grand Opening, See you in Game and hope you will Enjoy

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      Start tommorow

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