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    Interlude-Classic - x33 - JOIN!
    « on: July 11, 2018, 05:50:04 PM »

    Chronicles of the server: Interlude 
    Opening 13.07.2018 18:00 (GMT +3)
    Web site: http://en.interlude-classic.ru

    Character Start on the server:
    All characters appear with a full set of buffs
    All characters at startup are given a newcomer's chest (with NG, D and C weapons, armor and supplies.

    Server Rate:
    EXP / SP: x33
    Adena: x3
    Drop: x10
    Spoil: x10
    Raid Boss: x5
    Spam is not allowed Stone: x4
    Quest x1 (except for a few x2 list below)

    Sub class and Nobles:
    Sub-Class does not require the execution of the quest, you need a sub class you can buy for 15.000.000 adena
    Reagents for Nubless are sold in the GM shop for adena.
    Level of Flame of Splendor Barakiel - 78

    Change of professions:
    1 profession - 50.000 adena
    2 profession - 500,000 adens
    3 profession - 700 halisha mark + 7.000.000 adena

    Olympiad and sieges:
    Start of the Olympiad 16.07.2018 The period of the Olympiad is 1 week.
    Duration of the Olympics: from 18:00 to 00:00 Moscow time.
    The period of the Olympiad is 7 days. The cycle starts on Monday.
    Check for HWID + IP when registering. No bays!
    Enchant limit +6.
    To start the Olympics - need 5 players.
    Sieges of locks pass on a standard cycle.

    Life Stone:
    Drop Life Stone with tyrannosaurs on Primeval Isle. Chance to knock out LS 50%. Spawn time is 5 minutes.
    All Life Stone in inventory in one cell.

    Raid Bosses:
    Flame of Splendor Barakiel - 8 hours + - 1 hour.
    Alliance Raid Boss - 24 hours + - 1 hour.
    Sab RB 8 hours + - 1 hour.
    All other Raid Boss - 12 hours - / + 1 hour.
    Announcements about sab, nubless, alli RB 60 minutes before respawn.

    Epic Bosses:
    Ant Queen, Core, Orfen - Available the next day the server starts! The remaining epic bosses will be available next week on schedule.
    Queen Ant 80lvl 24 hours at 20:00 (drop: Ring, LS, Book Giant, Nephlim and Zombie Shield)
    Core 80 lvl 18:00 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. (Drop: Ring, LS, Book Giant, Nephlim and Zombie Shield)
    Orfen 80 lvl 19:00 every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. (Drop: Earring, LS, Book Giant, Nephlim and Zombie Shield)
    Zaken 80 lvl 18:00 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday (the doors open at 00:00 according to the playing time)(Drop: Earring, LS, Book Giant, Nephlim and Zombie Shield)
    Antharas 19:00 + 0-2 hours Every Sunday
    Valakas 19:00 + 0-2 hours Every Saturday
    Baium 18:00 + 0-2 hours every Tuesday and Saturday
    Frintezza 20:00 + 0-2 hours every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Time for the passage of insta and farm - 2 hours.

    More information about the server: http://forum.interlude-classic.ru/index.php?/topic/502-about-server-hard-x33-eng/

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=28571.0

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