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    Interlude Faction L2Cygnus 2016.11.25
    « on: November 25, 2016, 07:38:39 AM »
    Server will start new season 2016.11.25 18:00 +2 GMT

    Server Website - L2 Cygnus Interlude Triple Faction-GVE PVP Server

    General server features:
    Three teams (Demons, Angels, Natures)
    One Round 35 min
    PVP types:
    • Deathmatch (most pvp collected team wins)
    • Castle Siege (team that holds caste at the end of map wins)
    • Capture the Flag (team with most flags at the end of map wins)
    • Stand your Ground (team that is occupied center most of the time wins)
    • Raid Hunt (team with most kills of raid wins)
    • Battle for Fort (team that captured fortress most times wins)
    • Steal the Flag (team that steals most flags from enemy wins)
    • Free for All (top 3 players rewarded for most kills)
    • Capture the Flag (team that possess flag at the event end wins)
    • Last Man Standing (last player alive wins)
    • Team vs Team (three teams, team with most pvp wins)
    • Zombie Invasion (players vs zombies)
    • Survivor (choose one box, if box are unlucky you will die, players that survives all event wins)
    • Bet Game (dice will be rolled and players have to guess which number will be rolled)
    • Lucky Chest (select a chest and get reward or die, most lucky boxes collected player wins)
    • Grand Boss Challenge (two teams fight for random Grand Boss)
    Weekly olympiad (only B grade items allowed)
    Exp Sp Adens for killing other players or Raid Boss
    Gm Shop (Grade: B - Free; A - for adens; S - for materials)
    Npc buffer
    Buffs count: 24+4 (Divine) + self buffs; for BD and SWS 24+4 (Divine) + Songs/Dances + self
    Buffs not removed after death for players and summons and returned after cancellation
    Balancing system for teams, classes and new players
    No custom items

    Full list of features - Server Features
    Follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/l2cygnus/

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=26764.0