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    Interlude L2ita x10 Grand opening August 11 2017
    « on: August 02, 2017, 09:33:40 AM »
    Web: Lineage2 Interlude
    Forum: Login
    Grand opening on August 11, 2017
    New and fresh international mid rate server. We offer you only the best and most classic Lineage2 experience. No PAY to WIN. Classes are Retail. Experience team PvE and PvP with our own clan and so much more! Our goal is to have the biggest and most active Lineage2 Community ever!

    This differs from many other servers, as they only care about money, not player satisfaction. I, however, care deeply about the players experience and enjoyment. I constantly listen to the players ideas, wants, and needs. This, I believe, makes us way ahead of other cash servers.

    Fresh Database and NO Wipeout, You can become part of the server's improvement! We hope to create the most unique and comfortable server for and with you! We look forward to seeing you all in-game!

    Files l2off PTS
    Excelent game play.
    Premium Files, Geodata & Pathnodes.
    Max buffs 20 + 4 Divine inspiration.
    Long time no reset Server.
    Siege and Olympiad system Retail
    Seven signs period Retail.
    Enchant rates Retail.
    No Custom items.
    No Donations for items.

    Low rate PVP
    x10 Exp, SP and Adena.
    x12 Drop, x15 Spoil.
    Quest Rates:
    x4 EXP, SP, Adena and Drop rate.
    x2 drop amount.
    Auto pick up, Auto learn Skills.
    Luxury Shop in Giran C & B Grade items.
    .offline (shop offline disconect)
    .expon .expoff (Activate/Deactivate exp gain)
    .time (server time)

    NPC Server Helper
    Buffer 2 hours.
    Class Change:
    1st (20k Adena)
    2nd (500k Adena)
    3rd (20kk Adena)
    Mana Potions (500) with 15 sec reuse.
    Hair Accesory and Quest Subclass and Noblese by donation or you can do.

    We will happy to see you in our new community
    The server will be stable for long time!
    Enjoy and have a nice day.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27584.0

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