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    Interlude x3 PTS L2OFF - 26 August! From L2 ShadowLands!
    « on: August 08, 2022, 03:44:21 PM »

    Start of OBT: 20.08.2022

    Opening: 26.08.2022

    Chronicle: Interlude

    Client: Classic

    Dear players, our server only works on Classic Client(s). To play on our server - you need to download the client exclusively from our website.

    Attention! If you do not see, in the list, a description of a particular system, then its mechanics correspond to the official version of the game.

    New system:
    Unique VIP system - will give extra. comfort, increasing the characteristics of the character and granting various bonuses. Obtained by playing.
    Daily Missions - game tasks are updated daily and are available to all players.
    The level of the reward depends on the difficulty of the execution.
    Referal System - each player is given the opportunity to receive pleasant bonuses when registering using a referral link.
    The owner of the referral link also receives bonuses for referrals.

    Server rates:
    Exp/SP: x3
    Adena: x1
    Drop: х1
    Spoil: x1
    SealStones: x1
    RB EXP/SP: х2
    RB Drop Chance: х1
    EpicRB Drop: x1
    Quest Drop*: x1
    Quest Reward (adena/exp/sp): x1

    Premium account rates:
    Exp/SP: x4.5
    Adena: x1.5
    Spoil: x1.5
    SealStones: x1.5
    Doubles the duration of received buff effects.
    * Premium account can only be purchased through your personal account.

    Rate boost runes:
    Rune of Exp/SP +30%
    Rune of Drop +30%
    Rune of Adena +30%
    Rune of Spoil +30%
    Rune of Master (4 руны в одной) + 30%
    Runes can be obtained for:
    - victories in events (TvT, CtF).
    - Purchase at the GM shop for Coin of Luck.
    - being a referral - upon entering the game and upon receiving 1/2/3 of the profession.
    The time of all buff effects - according to the official mechanics (exception - premium account; x2).
    Number of buff slots - 20+4+3 (Normal + Divine Inspiration + VIP6/7/8 Lv).
    In the drop from the mobs there are Herbs of restoration / strengthening.
    Newbie Buffer - Supports you from level 1 to 40 and Buff time = 20 minutes (40m premium).
    The maximum number of game windows is 2. The extension is available in your account (+3 windows).
    Additional features:
    Shift+click - Shows the contents of the mob drop.
    Alt + click on buff - cancels the effect.
    Blocking buffs with commands: .blockbuff, .blockbuff self, blockbuff all.
    Other extensions with a certain level of VIP system.
    Teleportation in the territory to Dion Town has a reduced cost by half.
    Disabled game features:
    Shadow items.
    The revival of Raid Bosses associated with the career ladder:
    Shilen's Messenger Cabrio 12 hour +/- 30 min
    Death Lord Hallate 12 hour +/- 30 min
    Kernon 12 hour +/- 30 min
    Longhorn Golkonda 12 hour +/- 30 min
    Flame of Splendor Barakiel 18 hour +/- 30 min

    Epic Raid Bosses:
    Alive since the start of the server.
    In epic zones, clans with a one-sided var have the war mode turned on automatically.

    Ant Queen 24 hour +\- 2hours \ lvl 48
    Core 36 hours +\- 2 hours \ lvl 58
    Orfen 36 hours+\- 2 hours \ lvl 58
    Zaken 44 hour +\- 2 hours \ lvl 68
    Baium every 5 days
    Antharas every 8 days
    Valakas every 11 days

    Grand Olympiad:
    First run - DD.MM.YYYY
    The period of the Olympiad is 14 days.
    Registration in non-class - at least 5 characters.
    Registration in class - at least 5 characters.
    The minimum level to participate is Lv 76 + 3 profession.
    Noblesse - not required.
    Clan Halls:
    The acquisition is possible from the 6th level of the clan.
    Rent of the Clan Hall property - 25.000.000 Adena in 7 days.
    Inaccessible Elite Clan Hall - Rainbow Springs Chateau
    Fighter weapons - 50% to +15, after 30%.
    Magic weapons - 40% to +15, after 25%.

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