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    [Interlude X50] Not allowed
    « on: April 03, 2017, 06:58:34 AM »

    GRAND START - April / 29 / 2017 - 20:00 GMT+3 MOST Popular International Interlude X50 Server!

    Please, visit our site: http://Not allowed.com
    Server Description
    Server Rates:
    •     EXP&SP: X50
    •     Adena: X20
    •     Drop: X30
    •     Spoil: X15
    *Premium Account increases rates x2 (Exp x100, Sp x100, Adena x40, Drop x60, Spoil x30) . Warning! Premium account does not apply to drop from Raid Bosses, quest items.

    Enchant: [Safe/Max]
    •     Weapon: [+3/+16]
    •     Armor: [+3/+12]
    •     Jewels: [+3/+12]

    •   First born character: in top nograde armor + top nograde weapon+ soul/spirit shots
    •   Off-Trade: for start off-trade - just sit on trade and close client. Maximum time for off-trade: unlimited
    •   /unstuck - 15 seconds
    •   Olympiad Period: 1 Month, Item enchant limitation: +6
    •   Siedges: every Saturday
    •   The catacombs are open 24 \ 7
    •    Augment weapon can be traded (Item skill you can see in system chat)
    •   Market: you can sell \ buying augmented weapons, epic jewelry and more for col, gb, topcoin. Search in offline shopkeepers to teleport to the character. Easy sorting
    •   Implemented functionality ACP (AHP AMP). ACP settings are available in the panel ALT + B
    •   Weight limit is increased by 50 times. Weight penalty are disabled. Max count items in the inventory increased to 200
    •   Comfortable panel ALT + B. You can order different of services (change of name, gender,  nickname and the title color). Buy premium account, buff coin eventually nobless, various clan features and much more. Other panel tab, where you can learn different commands also work to monitor Epik, learn about the time of the raid bosses spawn and get information about the opening event.
    More info you can read on our forum  - http://forum.Not allowed.com/topic/1560-Not allowed-x50-server-description/

    Events Before Opening
    •   ENG: PR EVENT / РУ: Пиар Акция
    •   ENG: Event - Skype Invitation / РУ: АКЦИЯ - Получи ПРИЗ за рассылку в СКАЙПЕ
    •   ENG: Siege of castle Aden / РУ: Осада замка Аден / PT: Siege no Castelo de Aden
    Join Us And Get FUN!

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27281.0

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