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L2 Ancestral - Open Beta is NOW LIVE!
« on: April 10, 2020, 03:40:04 PM »
Hello everyone!


First of all BETA IS NOW LIVE!

So without further ado, I welcome you to the rebirth of L2 Ancestral, a gaming network for you, starting with an Interlude Server featuring:

- EXP / SP : x15
- Adena : x8
- Drop : x4
- Spoil: x5
- Quest Drop: x1
- Quest Reward: x2
- Raid Boss Drop: x4
- Safe Enchant: +3
- Maximum Enchant: +16


Gameplay Information:

- Buff Duration: 2 hours for all buffs, songs, dances, summon, prophecies and resists.
- Skills are auto learn.
- Auto loot from monsters.
- 28+4(Divine Inspiration Books) = 32 Buff slots!
- Subclass FREE up to 3 Subs per character.
- 1st, 2nd, 3rd Class with Adena.


Other Information:

The server during Open Beta will allow creation of any character, class. After the Beta finishes, all the accounts will remain but the characters will be deleted.
While you find any type of bugs or problems feel free to submit them on discord in the appropriate section or here in this section of the forum.

Please feel free to talk to the GMs if you see them in-game available. Remember, this is an important moment of the journey. Do not spam in any way!

During the Beta Phase, while highly unlikely due to the high performance machines, you might experience some type of lag or connection interruptions and scheduled restarts. We apologize for any inconvience this might cause, and we request your understanding as we are trying to make this a smooth transition to the live environment of the official launch.

Tips / Things that help us help you:

If you want to level up multiple characters, classes please feel free. Like this any, again unlikely, possible bug in any certain class might be fixed easier if you report it.
Don't try exploits. They will not work. And if they will you will not be welcomed here after been discovered, which is super easy!
Use all the areas of the world, or as many areas as you can so that you can discover if anything "feels weird".
Remember that all the currencies that might be given to you in-game or when you create a character, are just for testing, Beta purposes and in no way reflect the amount of items given to you in the live server, for free.
The only items that will be kept and given during the live launch, are the top non-grade items equivalent to every class's needs. Let us know if there is something wrong there.
There are several helpful NPCs in the game that can help navigate, purchase, etc. Let us know if there is something wrong going on there.
Commands that you can use as a player:
.cfg - Opens the Character configuration sheet with some cool options
.cm - Opens up the Class Master in case that you managed to turn off the pop-up!
.relog - Relogs your character really quickly to repair any broken things or if you need anything else.
.gb - Converts 500,000,000 Adena to 1 Not allowed bar.
.adena - Converts 1 Not allowed bar to 500,000,000 Adena.
.stayhome - awards you with some amazing prizes and usefull stuff, usable ONLY once per HWID.


Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=29551.0

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