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    L2 DAVE X100
    « on: July 05, 2017, 05:50:47 AM »
    SITE : L2dave.com

    Infor Game
    What is Lineage II

    The continents are at war! Great heroes represent three kingdoms in an endless struggle for supremacy. Discord is not limited only to the battlefields, as it contaminates and spreads both in the cities and within the walls of the castles. Keep your allies nearby, your weapons always sharp and prepare to shape the fate of this magical world.
    This is Lineage II, an online RPG filled with adventure and action focused mainly on PvP (modality that places player against player). The partnership between Level Up and NCsoft® to bring more this Online Game, provides the access of Brazilian players to the American servers of this great international title.
    Create your character, choose from the various races and classes available, and face the challenges with courage. Meet adventurers from all over the planet and embark on epic journeys into the unknown. Take on monsters with improved artificial intelligence, ready to react according to your actions, and select your powerful abilities to outrun enemies. Prove your value in the midst of this versatile real-time conflict.
    Also count on the help of unusual pets. Domestique dogs, wolves and even dragons. With this option, you will always travel accompanied by a faithful friend, ready to fight at your side in any kind of situation.
    They are varied options in this constantly changing scenario. And best of all, access to Lineage II is now completely free. With the conversion of paid access to free, the game time acquired will be transformed into NCoins. Use the paid access codes for the direct purchase of NCoins, used to purchase special items and equipment within the game.

    Embark right now and fulfill your destiny.
    Team L2DAVE.COM
    Rate Xp: 100x
    Rate Sp: 100x
    Rate Drop Adena: 100x
    Rate Drop Item: 1x
    Rate Party Xp:2x
    Rate Party Sp:2x

    Safe Enchant: +4
    Armor / Jewels Max Enchant: +12
    Weapons Max Enchant: +16
    Normal Enchant: 60%
    Blessed Enchant: 80%
    Buffs Time - 2h
    Max buff amount: 38
    CTF   DUAL-XEON 3.06 GHZ
    Memory Ram: 8 GB
    Memory Ram: 8 GB
    Traffic: Unlimited
    Accessory +200 mDef pDef
    All boss 100%
    Npc aiox mananger
    Npc aiox clan mananger
    Npc clan mananger
    Quest noblesse 100%

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