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    L2-FairyTales Interlude
    « on: February 28, 2017, 10:33:01 AM »


    L2 Fairytales


    Enchant +7 safe, max +25

    Anti bot system (questions per 10 minutes)

    Anti farm pvp system (clan/ally/party/ip)

    shift + click to see droplist

    Extra skill to bladedancer/songer/prophet for more balance

    extra passives for all characters (balance passives)

    all subclass on maximilian

    easy enchant (7-16) balance dragonic/imperial/dark crystal/boss jewels

    Stackable scrolls

    Dont destroy ss (1)

    on fail enchant return Safe +7 (Crystal/blessed scrolls)

    custom warehouse menu

    custom welcome message

    custom pk guard

    custom pvp system

    custom symbol maker menu

    max buff 56

    subclass lvl 62

    Allowed sub class 5

    Olympiad only with items from GM shop

    56 buffs
    -cov stuck with victorius,magnus

    mage mobs

    Enchant system:
    From +7 to +10 Rate success  80%
    From +10 to +15 Rate success 60%
    From +15 to +20 Rate success 40%
    From +20 to +25 Rate success 30%

    Interlude Weapons are edited with more patk and matk.

    With PVP kills you change your name color's.>

    100 PvPs - Trade Chat

    1000 PvPs - Blue Name

    2000 PvPs - Light Pink Name Name

    4000 PvPs - Green Name

    6000 PvPs - Grey Name

    8000 PvPs - Purple Name

    10000 PvPs - Global Chat

    Main town
    Town Of Goddard
    Town of giran

    Farm zones

    Cave of trials
    forbidden Gateway

    Adena zones

    Varka Silenos Outpost
    ketra Ketra Orc Outpost

    PvP zones
    Orc village.
    Town Of Goddard



    -relic dye tattoo


    custom accesories

    L2 Fairytales is a homemade and undedicated server based on L2-Pride C6. I need suggestions to add or to remove items/etc.

    Server is on beta mode and i need people to give me more suggestions to upgrade and give me hope to dedicated it. So don't criticize if you dont want to help me.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27151.0

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