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    A list follows with our server's features.

    Xp Rate : 3000
    Adena Rate : 300
    Sp Rate : 3000
    Buff Slots : 35

    Enchant Weapon = 60 %
    Enchant Max Weapon = 20
    Enchant Armor = 60%
    Enchant Max Armor = 20
    Enchant Jewelry = 60 %
    Enchant Max Jewelry = 20
    Enchant Safe = 6
    Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate = 80%
    Crystall Scroll = 50%

    General features

    Not allowed Bar System :

    I believe you already know the Not allowed Bar System, but have you seen ours? Just click on your adena and they will be converted to Not allowed bar, guess what will happen if you click at your Not allowed bar!

    Our Pvp Color System :

    Your PvP Color will be visible on PK Tittle.
    Pm Logger :

    Using this unique system you can - at any time - watch your pms. There's also the Spam Folder where you can add any person who annoys you. All his pms will go directly there from now on, his name won't even be shown at the inbox.
    To open your log you need to type .showlog, to clear it type, .clearlog

    Duel Manager :

    That's a new duel system, it works like the original one but it comes with a lot of modifications. You are teleporting at a custom location and you face your opponent, at 3 seconds the duel starts. Here's the real interesting part. The winner can choose to receive any item he wants from the loser!(except Stackable Items). To protect our new players, players with less than 3 hours (in total) at our server can't be challenged to a duel.

    Clan Notice System :

    The clan leader can set an announcements for his clan members, will be broadcasted when a member logs in. [.clan]

    Custom Bosse :

    There are a lot bosses to kill with your friends and clan. [.clan]

    Custom balance

    We have made some modifications,in order to improve your gameplay
    One of them,is mana potion.This,has 2 sec cooldown,and gives 1.000 mana when unflagged,and 200 while flagged
    We have also decreased mc rates and max criticals,as like nerfed daggers
    &some other skill nerfs

    AIO System

    I believe you are all familiar with the "all in one" characters. They got all the buffing skills (buffs, dances, songs, etc) and of course they cannot leave towns or join olympiad.


    Our server runs under Gracia Olympiad system, modified for Interlude, with all the retail Interlude features.


    Server is under development now,every announce or update will be post here


    -Richard : Server Administrator,Forum Administrator,Responsible for the advertise and support of server.

    Skype : [email protected]

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