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    [L2 Off H5] Neutral Zone
    « on: January 24, 2016, 01:34:28 AM »

    Chronicle: High Five Part 5
    Files: L2OFF PTS Extended
    Anti-Bot: SmartGuard
    Host Location: Canada
    DDOS Protection: PRO
    Internacional Conection: 1GBps.
    Auto-Pickup: Off
    Auto-Learn: Off
    Nevit: On
    Hunting Bonus: OffLike
    Player Start Items: OffLike
    Clients per PC: 2

    Rates normal mobs.
    Exp: x3
    SP: x3
    Adena: x3
    Drop: x3 progressive chance.
    Spoil: x3 progressive chance.
    Spam is not allowed Stones: x3
    Knight's Epaullete: x2 amount

    Rates Raid Boss/Epic Boss:
    Exp: x2
    SP: x2
    Adena: x2
    Drop: x2 chance

    Quest System:
    Reward EXP: x2
    Reward Adena: x2
    Reward SP: x2
    Reward Items: x1
    Item Drop: x1
    Item Drop Chance: x1

    Quest: Get a Rune
    Clan Lvl 1, 2 and 3 free charge in Adena/SP
    Hellbound Open: Stage
    Cost of Fame: 50%

    Commands In-Game:
    .menu - Show features.
    .help - Show help.
    .expon - Active experience in your char.
    .expoff - Disable experiencie in your char.
    .lock - Block WH and inventory items.
    .unlock pw - Unblock WH and inventory items.
    .setlockpw pw - Set your password for .lock command.
    .offannounce msg - Set your announce for offline shop (interval 600s).

    Normal Events:
    All Raid Boss: Online on 1st day.
    Olympiadas Start: 1st Feb 2016
    7 Signs Start: 1st Feb 2016
    Castles Sieges Start: 13 Feb 2016
    Territory War Start: 24 Feb 2016 (if there are 2 castles conquered in previous siege)
    Without bugs
    PC Bang

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25243.0

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