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    [L2 OFF] L2Luxor C4x25 Stuck Sub~Mid Rate
    « on: September 12, 2016, 06:25:02 PM »
    We invite you to our c4 (Scions of destiny) Server, which is Stuck sub (Base+3) And mid rate category, which has Around 200 Online Daily and growing!!

    Server Features:
    Chronicle 4 (Scions of Destiny) OFF And Bug-free.
    -Stuck Sub system (Base+3)
    -Rates: Exp:x25/Adena:x25/Drop:x5/Spoil:1(Extra bonus on adena until Lv40)
    -Subclass system Via web
    -Third Class available( Only in your last subclass)
    -Third class for free, it requires to be Full sub.
    -Third class skills available (Only in your last subclass)
    -Basic buffer with 1hr buff on all Cities.(Dances and Songs are included on weekends and as event too)
    -Heroic valor skill added.->Currently on poll status.
    -Infinity Weapons. (Retail like stats, nothing custom added)
    -Gm shop with C to S grade gear, Consumables, Boss Jewels and more.
    -Soulshots & Blessed Spiritshots on Luxor shop(Gmshop)
    -Clan hall Buffer with buff, songs CoV & PoW (Water) 1hr, Available on siege halls aswell.
    -Sieges enabled for Castles and Clan halls
    -Autopickup System
    -Auto clean drop system(Every 20 Min.)
    -Medals event enabled (Louie the cat)
    -Seven signs working
    -Restricted Selling zones on towns.
    -Quests 100% working
    -PvP Reward system(Each won pvp gives a Luxor Blue coin, which can be traded at GmShop for important various rewards)
    -B grade gear at a low adena Cost
    -Common Buffs, Dances/songs and Summon buffs duration is 20 mins.
    -Monthly Olympiads with feed protection system
    -PvP reward System, protected against Lv, Subclass number and IP aswell
    -Balanced Classes
    -Active Staff, Events very often with Very important rewards, such as donation coins, weapons ++ and more.
    -Noblesse via quest enabled (Quest items purchased via Luxor Blue pvp coins) Or 1kkk (1Billion) Adena
    -Dedicated connection, stable and ZERO lag.
    -Donations only for Adena
    Web: l2luxor.com
    Facebook: l2luxor

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=26473.0
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