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    L2 Lexus Full custom PvP server !!!
    « on: March 14, 2018, 05:13:36 AM »

    Grand Opening 16 March, 2018 • 16:00 (UTC -3)
    WebSite:  L2Lexus - Interlude
    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/l2lexus/

    Startup system
    Chroncle: Interlude
    Mode: Custom PvP
    Starting level: 80

    Basic Rates
    Experience: 9999x
    Skill Points: 9999x

    About augments, We will have an augment shop.You will have to buy your augment.
    Peple are available 1 random stats : INT / CON /STR /DEX / etc.

    Enchant Rates
    Enchant Safe: +4
    Enchant Weapon - Armor With Bless +20
    Max Enchant Sets With Not allowed: +25
    Normal Enchant Scroll Rate 100% from 1 to 4
    Blessed Enchant Scroll Rate: 90% from 4 to 20
    Cold Enchant Scroll Rate: 100% from 21 to 25

    Custom Community Board
    -GM Shop
    -Top Players / Heroes / Clans / Castles / Stats
    -Donate Info
    Additional Features
    Auto Loot: Enabled
    Auto Loot Raid Disabled
    Auto Learn Skills: Enabled
    Weight Limit: Disabled
    Grade penalty: Disabled
    Max Subclasses: Three (3)
    Subclass With Quest
    Anti-Farm Protection for PvP( You don't get PvP points from Same IP ).
    Anti-Farm Protection for PvP ( If u kill the same player Over 3 times )
    Unique killing spree system.
    Raid Boss announce.
    Player spawn protection - 10 seconds

    Class Penalty
    Bow Penalty in Tanks, Titans, Tyrants, Warlords.
    No Heal and Buffs at Monsters and Raids.

    AIO NPC Buffer
    Full set buff / mage and fihters

    Customized Raidbosses
    A lot of raid bosses have been added! These can be found at their original spawn points. Keep in mind that only the raid bosses

    Custom Tatto
    Tattos Lv 1 & Lv 2

    Tournament event
    2x2 , 4x4
    rewards pvp token.

    Custom Armors
     *Free S - A grate armors and jwls in Armor Shop!
     * Vesper  Vesper Not allowed / Vesper Cristal / Vesper Silver

    Custom Weapons
    Weapons with a unique SA on it. These weapons can be buy FREE in Weapon Shop!
    * Vesper

    Olympiad Games
    Every 3 day hero.
    A grade gears only with enchant limitations : Weapons +6 / Armors +6

    Additional Information
    Stackable enchant scrools, life stones, secret book of giants (Enchant scrolls, life stones, book of giants take 1 slot in inventory like in higher chronicles).
    Pk Guards in Easy PvE zones with Autoress if u die and 1 hit on PKer
    Zone With PvP but Mods give 0 exp and sp
    Special items with only adena and PvP Award
    Balance Class
    Global and Trade chat with 100+ PvP
    Manny Customs Weapons
    /unstuck - 10 seconds
    Offline shop [add your shop and exit]
    Offline Trade: Max 5 days
    PVP Name Color Changes/PK Title Color Changes.
    Customized Noblesse System
    Kill Barakiel boss

    We're using retail Events in our server, this way noone can be confused about the event's purpose.
    The events available events are:
    TvT (Team vs Team) (Automatic)
    Death Match (Automatic)
    CTF (Capture the flag) (Automatic)
    Lucky Dice
    KIll The Gm ( PvP style )
    Hitman kill = adena price
    PvP event variations

    Custom Zones
    Main Town Giran
    Safe Zone
    Normal Farm Zone's
    Farm Zone with custom matirials
    Grand Raid Boss ( Chaotic Zone)
    PvP Zone [ Custon pvp zones]
    Karma drop ( if u have karma use soe and go to dekarma village )
    PK Killer if u die drop items ( random )


    WebSite:  L2Lexus - Interlude

    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/l2lexus/


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=28249.0
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