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    L2 NightFall Openning 01/02/2019 @18:00 [GMT+2]
    « on: January 23, 2019, 08:42:42 AM »

    The Beta test phase starts today and ends on 30/01/2019 18:00 (GMT+2).

    The server will be launched on 01/02/2019 18:00 (GMT+2).

    Site:  https://www.l2nightfall.com/
    Fb Page: https://www.facebook.com/L2-NightFall-597891193985843/


    Safe Enchant:  +4
    Max Enchant with Normal/Blessed Scrolls: +15
    Max Enchant with Infinity Scrolls: +20
    Enchant Scroll Chance: 60%
    Blessed Enchant Scroll Chance: 100%
    Infinity Scrolls Chance: 85%


    Automatic Events every 1 hour
    .menu command with all server modifications
    Visual effects (choose your costume suit via .menu)
    Shift + Click to see droplist of everything.
    Shops buy/sell curency with Farm Coins.
    We also have automatic offline shops.
    Simply set up your shop and log out, and your offline shop will be active for 12 hours.
    Anti heavy/ Light system (Light wearing classes cannot use heavy armors)
    Anti bow restricted classes (some classes can not wear bow EXCEPT olympiad games)
    High quality Geodata/Pathnodes for Castles
    Auto Vote Reward System{only 1 client reward per IP}
    Individual Vote Reward NPC {Api based system}
    Easy Noblesse via our Custom Item or by killing Barakiel
    Full Recommendations via our Custom Item
    Increased weight limit for characters
    2 hours Buff Duration
    Donation rewards are limited to keep the balance on the server
    DAILY Updates - Active Development
    Automated Remote Backups Daily, so there is no chance of any data loss!
    Hero skills on sub classes


    1. PvP System:
    - Added new method for PvP counting. It's secured by time limiter, and basic protections like same IP, clan etc.
    - If time protecion is working then legall kills not rising. If killer kill victim and time is OK, so then I call it "Legal Kill", if killer kill victim again, PvP counter rise but not Legal Kill (Time Protection sorks).
    - All informations are stored in DB. This "Time Protection" should reduce farming.

    2. Rank System:
    - Based on PvP System, it's mean, killer can earn exp for kill player, then he rise his rank too if earn 100%. (exp is based on current Rank Points [RP]).
    - There are 42 ranks.
    - Reward for rise up the Rank can be awarded for each level of Rank Points.
    - Included images for ranks and exp bar.

    3. Reward System:
    - The reward system based on Legal Kill for every player with Rank.
    - Each kill gives 20 cp potions and a special currency called RPC, the RPC can be exchanged for items.
    - Go to menu --> PvP System---> RPC Exchange
    - Custom Accessories increasing stats and usefull items to gear up.


    Hot springs cannot affected by cleanse but visualy as debuff
    Nobless blessing visualy as debuff for better pvp action.


    Improved Apella Armor, Infinity weapons (with decreased negative attributes and custom enchantment glow and color)
    4 Shirts (like tatoos)
    Unique Accessories (Obtain by PvP reward system or from Raid Boss drop)


    GM Shop/NPC Buffer
    Global Gatekeeper
    Augmenter NPC
    Clan Manager NPC
    Custom Warehouse
    NPC High Priestes NPC:All Sublasses/Clan-Ally Management in one NPC
    Top PvP/Pk NPC:Shows rankings and online/offline status of the players
    Skill Enchanter NPC: Enchants your class skills
    Bug Report Manager: Report everything you need even if there's no GM online
    Wedding Priest at Giran


    1 Active + 1 Passive Augment skill

    No-Grade Lifestone : 2%
    Mid-Grade Lifestone : 4%
    High-Grade Lifestone : 6%
    Top-Grade Lifestone : 10%


    Raid Bosses have custom drops
    Raid Bosses Protections:
    Cannot be healed, Cannot be agro too far (return to his spawn if get it away)
    Cannot be lethaled and the most damage get the drop
    Drops from Raid Bosses will have to be picked up manually with most damage protection.
    You can also see their staus typing .raidinfo or using .menu command
    Epic Boss Zone are all Chaotic.


    Automatical Hero period: 1 week!
    All items will automatically have stats of +6 enchant
    Custom Armors/Weapons/Shields districted from olympiad games
    Shirts or accessories districted from olympiad games
    In order to participate you need 25 PvP points
    At Monument you can see how much time left for new heroes
    New Olympiad Ranking showing the players,points and matches!
    All classes can use bow even the restricted classes outside oly


    Sieges are every day.
    In the starting of L2 NightFall, we will have sieges every day.
    Every day one castle siege

    PvP ZONE:

    You can PvP/PK anywhere except towns.
    If you wish to PvP without the risk of getting karma or having to run back for buffs then our PvP zone in Primeval Isle is just for you!
    Auto Nobless Blessing and full heal when revive
    Note: Healer Classes not allowed here


    Bandit Stronghold - Peace Zone
    Innadril Area - Farm Zone ( PvP//PK )
    Angel's Waterfall - Farm Zone ( PvP/PK )
    Lizardmen Plains - Lifestone Zone (PvP/PK)
    Underground Arena - Party Zone (Chaotic)

    Custom Commands: .menu/ .info/ .raidinfo/ .repair
    Event every hour! {CTF/TVT/DM}
    Retail clan system with working clan skills
    Clan Wars Start with 5 people in clan for unlimited pvp
    Alliances consist of a maximum of 2 clans
    100% working Sieges - Fortress Siege

    90% of the skills are working (We work hard to daily implement more)

    Many hours of entertainment await to all who decide to join us. Come on! We are waiting for you..

    Welcome to L2 NightFall

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      Re: L2 NightFall Openning 01/02/2019 @18:00 [GMT+2]
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