Author Topic: L2JL2 Order VS Chaos Interlude GvE - opens 28/01/2022 !  (Read 3171 times)

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    L2 Order VS Chaos Interlude GvE - opens 28/01/2022 !
    « on: August 01, 2021, 12:08:31 PM »
    Hello all,

    We are excited to announce that a new Interlude season will begin at 28/01/2022 !
    Check out our new promo video for this upcoming season to see whats new :


    New Features were added for upcoming season:
    New Grand Bosses were added to the game
    Ability Tree System added
    New Elemental System
    New Stats System
    New Agathions
    Changed Olympiad & Daily Heroes

    For first timers, here's what you'll find while playing L2 OvC in a nutshell:
    Infinite PVP events: Battlefield, CTF, domination, escort, fortress, KOTH, TvT and much more.
    Unique mini events: Battle Royale, Counter Strike, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Poker and many others.
    Boss fights: Raid in the Middle style events, beat all your opponents before trying to take on the boss!
    Sieges: Build up your clan and participate in an all VS all clan hall / fort / castle siege, may the best clan win!
    Farm Zone: Have some fun doing PvE while still keeping a lookout for PvP, just don't miss out the boss.
    Other systems includes: 3vs3 tournaments, dressme, ranks, achievements, daily missions, streamer rewards & others.
    Features: Starting level 76 with C-grade, full GM shop and AIO buffer NPC.

    See you at the opening !

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