Author Topic: L2JL2-Pandora Re open = Rates x15 semi-craft main class!!! (NO ACU)  (Read 1435 times)

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    Argentine Craft Server 24/7 !!

    Xp = 15x
    Sp = 15x
    Adena = 50x
    Party = Xp 2x
    Spoil = X 2x
    // massero
    // remember all
    // clanfull
    // addolypoints
    // removeolypoints
    / Setolypoints
    // getolypoints
    Advertise Aio
    Advertise hero
    Announces noble
    Advertise Donor
    Advertise rookie
    NPC Crest
    Disable weapons for classes
    Automatic restart
    Offline store effect
    Respawn protection effect
    Effect Aio
    Server time when entering
    NPC Siege Register
    HTM TvT, CTF
    Npc change password
    GM View Henna Information
    Clan element complete
    Article nobless
    Element of hero
    Enchant advertisement
    Subclass all in 40
    Announce Grand Raid Boss (dead or alive)[/ color] [/ center]
    ----------------------------------------------- -----------
    WEB: L2-Pandora

    [Img] https://ibb.co/hpGC0k [/ img][/color]

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27404.0

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