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    Hello there folks, came here today to introduce you our team's project.
    I'm Monet, Internet Marketing and Customer service specialist. On behalf of L2Raven's team I like to introduce our first project - L2Raven, a PvP server that aims to entertain and keep its players. Our goal is to develop something different that will make people stay. Over the years we've seen the mistakes admins do and took notes. We are open to suggestions and like to listen to the community.  In this journey we've met a great developer. Every crazy idea we have he can bring to life. This is a way of saying that we will go beyond the basic. Everyone is tired of look-alike servers that bring nothing new. Admins that stop caring after the first donations and dice event. I can and will list you some of the features, but I want to leave you with a note that we are here to stay and those features are only scratching the surface of what is coming.

    Basic Rates :

    - Adena : 1000x

    - Experience : 1000x

    - Skill Points : 1000x

    Enchanting Rates { Safe 10 ~ Max 16 }

    Blessed Enchant :

    +10 to +11 with 85% chance,  +11 to +12 with 70%  chance,   +12 to +13 with 55% chance,   +13 to +14 with 40% chance

    Divine Enchant :

     +14 to +15 with 20% chance,  +15 to +16 with 15% chance

    Epic Enchant :

    +14 to +15 with 100% chance,  +15 to +16 with 100% chance

    Skills And Effects :

    Buffs duration 3 hours. Buff slots 32 and dance-songs 14.

    Custom Cancellation system, cancelled buffs returning after 10 seconds.

    Auto  Toggling CP/MP/HP potions.

    Certifications are available on subclasses as well as main


    Attributes are instantly Level 4 with a Single Stone. Instantly lvl 7 with a Single Crystal. (In order to make Level 7, first you have to complete lvl 4 with Stone.)

    Olympiad System :

    Maximum Enchant Level inside Olympiad is Limited to 6

    Anti-feed system and Dual Box, plus human supervision and auto logging all actions inside Olympiad Matches

    You gonna receive a notification with which class you play againsy (After Teleporting)

    Invisible Name and Clan Information in Matches

    Sieges and Wars :

    Weekly Territory War and Castle Siege.

    Dimensional Fissure { Adapted From C9 Game } :

    Our Adventurers have discovered a magical portal that leads to a very dark universe which haunted by the most  fearful dark souls, our Ancients used thier magic power to create a magical wall to hold them back, but this wall started to crack so we need you to fight for the humanity, we can use our magic to teleport you to face the unknown but we can’t sacrfice more souls, and we can’t promise that you can make it to return back so you are on your own in this dark universe, also we can’t send you for this mission unless we are sure that you are ready for it, for that we need you to have the Dimensional Ticket to identify our skilled warriors, and our masters has announced that any one who could make it to return back with a dark soul wil get awarded with the most uniques from our ancient legacy.

    “ Rise Knights and Fight for the Humanity, we don’t have much time. ”

    - Sir. Legolas

    BattleField { Ultimate PVP }

    Battlefield is a PvP System which dynamically changing every 30 minutes and pariticipants get rewarded after every round, it changes rules, location and rewards, there is no need to wait for the event to start, it's just there 24/7 . You can even join in the middle of the battle.

    Normal Mode ( The Chaos ) :

    There are no limits or rules for this zone, it's just a mess, bloods are scattering everywhere. Express your Rage, and we will clean the blood for you.

    Team Mode ( Squad ) :

    Can you lead your team to the glory ? before you answer i want to let you know that there is two teams against you.

    Solo Mode ( One Man Army ):

    Prove yourself, No supports . No parties . Just you on your own. So take care, and trust no one

    +20 Special In-Battle Sound Effects and notifications { Adapted from Dota 2 Game }

    Fight Club : { Adapted from League of Legaends } :

    Fight club is the place where people will sharpen up their knives and will try to promote to the top League. There are multiple arenas where players will prove their skills or face their death. There are no limits on equipment, buffs. Multiple Modes available to Join the club : 1 v 1 { Solo }, 2 v 2 {Duo}, 5 v 5 { Team } , 9 v 9 { Squad } , join with bots .... oh wait a minute we don't have such thing, You make your Team, You lead them to Glory. 

    Fight club's ranking system is similar to League of Legends. with Divisions as : Bronze / Silver / Not allowed / Platinum / Diamond /  Challenger.

    The bigger league you are, the higher the reward is. So, the question is ? Are you ready to Fight for Glory ?

    Here is an Addon, we have special command /league , which will show your League Profile wit hall info or the target Profile with Live Stats, no Delays

    Custom Events :

    Capture the Castle:

     Every Wednesday there will be a Siege Event. 2 sides, attackers and deffenders. People will register as attackers and deffenders. The event will last 1 hour and the rules will be similar with Siege's.

    Conquer Event:

    People will register, there will be 2 sides, the boss ( which will be selected randomly ) and the players who will try to take down the player that is selected to be the boss. Do you think it’s that Easy ? ... Think again.

    GM Events:

     Hide n' Seek / Russian Roullette / 1v1 , 2v2 , 3v3 , Q/A

    Remodeling System : { Adapted from  C9 }

    Do you want something different than the original Dressme?? Of course you are, same with us. We are really glad to introduce you a brand new feature in Lineage II world called Remodeling ( similar to C9 ).

    How it works:

    Well it’s not a Fake style anymore, since you’ll be able to Remodel your items, by extracting the style from another item and apply it to your item, the remodeled items can be traded with the new style . In order to do this you gonna need the item to be remodeled, the item with style you like and a Remodeling Book/Crystal, then our Chief Blacksmith will help you to get remodel your item

    Support :

    Experienced Team :

    We believe in specialization, so we been gathered with different abilites and backgrounds to provide players wih maximum level of support, also all team members are skilled L2 Players

    Hidden GMs  :

    Sorry, we don’t accept such thing, you can meet them everyday In-Game. Support will always be available in our server, no matter time and days, we will be there for you to solve any kind of problems. There will be multiple ways to contract with us via skype, live chat in our website and ingame.

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