Author Topic: L2JL2 Rise OF Phoenix H5 Grand Opening 31 of August  (Read 1196 times)

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    L2 Rise OF Phoenix H5 Grand Opening 31 of August
    « on: August 31, 2020, 07:46:15 AM »


    Dear players we present you our newest server !




    Chronicle: High Five Part 5

    Open Beta Testing: August 15 2020 at 18: 00 (UTC+01:00) Time.
    Opening Date: August 31, 2020 at 20: 00 (UTC+01:00) Time



    website :https://l2riseofphoenix.com/

    forum : https://forum.l2riseofphoenix.com/



    etc_trans_4f_s_b_01.png Basic Rates etc_trans_4f_s_b_01.png
    experience : x25
    skill points: x25
    adena: x8
    drop: x8 (recs-keys 1x)
    spoil: x8
    safe enchant: 4
    max enchant: 16
    normal ecroll enchant rate: 60%
    blessed scroll enchant rate: 65%

    element stone rate: 40%
    element crystal rate: 30%




    etc_trans_4f_s_b_01.png Server Informations etc_trans_4f_s_b_01.png

    sieges and territory wars every weekend
    2 Weeks Olympiad : every 1st and 15th of the month there will be new heroes.
    Olympiads Max Enchant +6
    Buffs, Dances and Songs 2 hours
    Gm-Shop up to S-grade
    Alt+B community buffer

    Shift and click attribute system
    Sub-Class without quest, Max sub Level 85
    weekly 9vs9 , 3vs3 , 1vs1 tournament

    Shift and click attribute system
    Stable and fun to play server with many features (Donations will be only to maintenance the server stability .)


    all_inform.png Commands all_inform.png

      .acp - Automatic potions     

    .whoami - Player stats         

         .pa -  Premium expiration date

             .cfg - Custom server commands

           .repair - Unstuck your character

                   .lock - Protect your account hwid/ip

    .offline - Set offline store     

                           .password - Add new account password

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=29770.0

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