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    L2 Vital Interlude 40x
    « on: April 03, 2020, 09:51:27 AM »
    Grand Opening is Taking place on Tuesday 07 April 2020, on 18:00 GMT +2!
    • Exp: 40x
    • SP: 40x
    • Party Exp: 1.3x
    • Party SP: 1.3x
    • Quest: 3-7x
    • Drop: 1x

    • Safe: +3(+4 for Full Armor)
    • Max: +16
    • Normal Rate: 55%
    • Blessed Rate: 66%
    • Quest: 3-7x
    • Drop: 1x

    • Buff time: 2 hours
    • Buff Slots: 26+4
    • NPC Buffer with full buffs
    • Global Gatekeeper
    • GM Shop
    • Skills: Auto learn
    • Offline Trade System
    • Siege Period: 2 weeks
    • Weekly Olympiad Cycle
    • Unstuck Cast Time: 10 Seconds
    • Cancelled buffs return after 20 seconds.

    • .menu
    • .online
    • .deposit
    • .withdraw
    • .votehop
    • .votetop
    • .votenet
    • .repair

    Initial Help
    • Players spawn with 5k Adena(Useful for their first teleports)
    • There are Gatekeepers and NPC Buffers (with full buffs) in every starting area.
    • Completing 1st class transfer rewards you 3kk adena
    • Completing 2nd class transfer rewards you 5kk adena
    • Completing 3rd class transfer rewards you 10kk adena,500k ancient adena and a secret book of giants.
    About Customs/Farm etc
    • There are dynasty weapons/armors with retail stats, just to keep the server balanced.
    • Server's economy is based on Adena and Ancient Adena aswell.
    • Although, you have to farm for your Dynasty gear, there is a Dynasty Orb which allows you to purchase Dynasty Parts or even upgrade your Dynasty Weapons.
    • Mobs in Monastery of Silence have a small chance of dropping Dynasty Weapons(without SA) and a slightly better chance to drop some Dynasty Orbs alongside their retail drops.
    • Plus, mobs in Primeval Isle have been boosted up to drop Spam is not allowed Stones which you can exchange in Custom Shop for Ancient Adena.
    • Lifestones can be gained by Tyrranosaurus, which is located deep in Lost Nest(Primeval Isle) OR by vote coins later on.
    Personal Menu
    Pops off when you type .menu command.


    Weapon Shop

    Armor Shop

    Website: Lineage II Vital - Interlude 40x Server
    Forum: Lineage II Vital Forum - Index
    More Info: Lineage 2 Vital Interlude 40x

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