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    L2Aaron.com WIPE!!! Grand Opening 23.12.2016
    « on: December 15, 2016, 01:31:25 PM »
    The time you have been waiting for so long is finally here!

    Lineage 2 Aaron

    Grand Opening - December 23rd, 2016 - 19:00 GMT +3

    * Xp: x5000
    * Sp: x5000
    * Party Xp: x1.3
    * Party Sp: x1.3
    * Adena: x100
    * Drop Item Karma: x15
    * Custom Starting Zone

    Website: Welcome to Lineage II Aaron
    Forum: Lineage 2 Aaron Forums
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/GamingLineage2

    [news] Changes Before the opening - Server Updates - Lineage 2 Aaron Forums

    New season, new and old players, clans and many changes! Winter is here ladies and gentleman and this means it is time to stay home and participate in massive epic battles with your friends against the enemies in the world's number #1 PvP server, Lineage 2 Aaron Interlude!
    You never left, you will never stop playing Lineage 2, you will never forget all the memories and the feelings only Lineage 2 Aaron has to offer from farming till fighting in Olympiad! Get ready.. Once again.. to make history and be the Hero till 2016 ends! Lineage 2 Aaron is back!

    Server features will be posted soon!


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