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    server linkJust a moment please...

         Full description of Interlude MultiSkill server x1 [ALL CLASSES ARE EQUAL]

    Server Rates:

           Server rates with Premium Account:        EXP: x1; SP: х1; Adena: х1;​ Drop: х1;​ Spoil: х1;​ Quest Drop: х1;​
           Server rates without Premium Account:   EXP: x2; SP: х2; Adena: х2;​ Drop: х2;​ Spoil: х2;​ Quest Drop: х2;

    Server Chip [NEW]:
    ·    All professions are absolutely equal; now there are no mages and warriors on the server, but there are Magical Warriors or Warrior Mages, who like it more!
          - Parameters of all professions and races: 40 STR, 40 INT, 25 DEX, 25 WIT, 50 CON, 50 MEN.
    (The difference is only in skills from the original profession, but you can easily learn new skills from any profession without problems)
    This innovation will make the game even more interesting! And also solve the issue of class balance!
    Now you can play, for example, your favorite elf or gnome and not be afraid that some important parameters of another race are higher. Also you can choose how to use this or that bias (the Magician or the Warrior) and at what stage and under what circumstances it is better to use it. (Whether it's PVP, farm bosses, spoil or Exping!)
    For example, by creating a magician, you can swing like a warrior with a two-handed man! And your physical attack will be no less than that of a pureblooded warrior! The only thing, you will need to learn the basic limits and passive skills from warrior professions!

    Economics of the server [NEW]:
    · The server has a window restriction, namely only 2 windows with one PK are allowed.
         This excludes the presence on the server of malicious botnodlers with a large number of windows and will positively affect the development of the server and its economy.
    · There will not be a lot of shares and bonuses on the server. (clans, for skype and so on). We are for equality!
         Reposts, mailings will be made only on a voluntary and gratuitous basis. No matter how, you play on this server! And we, in turn, will not spare money for good advertising.
    · The relevance and relevance of Aden.
         The ability to exchange your adena for fat SP scroll. Also for adena you can buy 100% enchant.

    Chronicles: Interlude.
    Direction - Multiprof is the opportunity to learn absolutely any skills from other professions from the special NPC "MultiSkill Manager" in the city of Giran (for SP points)
     As, roughly, looks the panel of skills of the character:
    1bebd568d949.png                      9eae117ac80c.png


    What does the menu look like NPC "MultiSkill Manager":

    c5e0bbfe0ccb.png                    9c404ceb4e23.png

    · GM Shop is minimal, with some exchangers and consumables (there will be no nipple in the hm shop!)
    · Newbie Guide will give you buffs up to level 52, added some extra buffs.
    · The buff time is 60 minutes;
    · Full Buffer is missing!

    General information:
    · When creating a character, you appear in the top NG outfit with the consumables for the start.
    · All characters appear with a set of starting skills (crystallization, creation of items, military and magic spoils)
    · All races appear in one unique place.
    · Obtaining professions from a cat in any city for adena and ancient adena.
    · Teleport is free up to level 76, inclusive.
    · There is a Global GateKeeper, with the possibility of teleporting to the catacombs, cities and epic zones.
    · Added the time of revival of all epics to a separate line of Global GateKeeper
    · The prices for the sale of all resources, pieces in the store are reduced by 5 times.
    · Mana Potion restores 3000 MP.
    · Added Champion mobs x10. The chance of appearance is 3%, the chance of Champion Coin dropping is 100%. (1 coin)
    · Autoloot of Adena, Items. (if desired, you can disable it in .cfg)
    · Trade (+) chat - global! (from level 10)
    · Details of Mobe by shift + click;
    · The limit of inventory space is 150;
    · Self-study skills of their profession.
    · The skills of other professions can be studied at a special NPC in the city of Giran;
    · Chance to catch the skill when augmenting with the top life stone: 20%;
    · Quest for Sub-Class - disabled;
    · Nobless Quest - Full;
    · The Sieges period is 2 weeks;

    Ordinary Raid Bosses:
    · The time for the revival of all regular Reid Bosses: 3-4 hours;
    · A, S grade items are removed from the drop;
    · All Reid Bosses are strengthened;
    · RB RBin is added to the RB of all RB levels; (except for calling PB)
    · Only RBs from which RB coin drops are announced;

    Epic Raid Bosses and Epic Jewels:
    · All epic bosses are strengthened.
    · A, S grade items and adena are removed from the drop;
    · The Time of the Rise of the Epic Bosses Raid:

           Valakas -  24 hours!
           Antharas - 12 hours!     
           Baium - 12 hours!
           Zaken - 12 hours!
           Frintezza - 12 hours!
           Queen Ant - 12 hours!     
           Core - 12 hours!           
           Orfen - 12 hours!

    Attention: In connection with the frequent epic repos (realized to support the everyday fan), the chance of a drop of epic costume jewelry is changed and is 35% for all kinds! (PA DOES NOT INFLUENCE !!!)

    Stats, which gives epic jewelry, in addition to the standard:

    Necklace of Valakas - 30% P.Atac\M.Atac
    Necklace of Frintezza - 15% P.Atac\M.Atac
    Earring of Antharas - 15% P.Def\M.Def
    Earring of Zaken - 10% P.Def\M.Def
    Earring of Orfen - 5% P.Def\M.Def
    Ring of Baium - 15% Atac. Speed\Cast. Speed
    Ring Of Queen Ant - 10% Atac. Speed\Cast. Speed
    Ring of Core - 5% Atac. Speed\Cast. Speed


    Changes in skills:
    · The duration of all the main buffs imposed by characters - 60 minutes. (including limits, dances / songs, etc.)
    · The duration of some self (such as: Ultimate Evasion, Ultimate Defense, etc.) on off.
    · The maximum number of positive effects imposed on the character is unlimited.
    · Guts + Frenzy combinations are possible; Rage + War Cry.
    · Frenzy also gives 20% to magic attack.
    · Angelic Icon - This skill gives the attack speed not only to the sword and club, but also to the Dual Dagger / Dual Sword, as well as to the bows!
    · Zealot - This skill gives the attack speed and critical strike power not only to knuckles, swords and blunt weapons, but to all other weapons.
    Light Armor Mastery works with all types of armor;
    · Magican Movement does not spoil the stats!
    · Introduced new skills - Mag Spoil and Mag Sweeper (convenient for magicians: increased distance to 900)
    · Totems, dansy, songs are available with any kind of weapon.
    · Adaptation of interest-based Hills for multiprof (Battle Roar, Restore Life and others) - a static rollback of 30 seconds.
    · Cikill Mirage has a static rollback - 5 minutes ..
    · All immortality skills are available with any kind of weapon and without "charging"
    · All immortality skills have a static rollback of 30 minutes.
    · All types of reflective skills are reduced by 4 times.
    · The chance of all kensels is cut 10 times.

    About Enchant:
    · Maximum enchant for all types of armor and weapons: +100;
    · Safe enchant +3; for one-piece armor +4;
    · The chance of successful enchant with normal scrolls: 90%
    · Chance of successful enchant with blessed scrolls: 90%
    · There are 100% enchant; Buy for adena in the GM shop.

    Automatic events:
    * TvT (TeamVsTeam) is available from 12:00 to 00:00, with an interval of 2 hours
    Registration for the event is possible at the RPC "Battle Event Manager" in the center of Giran.
    The time for registration in the event is 10 minutes.
    Minimal number of participants for the start of the event - 8
    The minimum level for participation in the event is 40
    Award for winning - 1 Event Coin (needed to purchase Tatu)
    There is a test for hwid / ip and an additional captcha.
    * Last Hero - standard.

    · Olympics: Classic (period-30 days)
    · Registration is forbidden from the 1st hwid, IP
    · Class battles are disabled.
    · To participate in extra-class battles, a minimum of 3 noblemen is required!

    Information about game server currencies and ways of their extraction:
    There are 3 main currencies on the server:

    · Chempion Coin - drop from the mob-champions; (needed to buy a champion's shirt)
    · Event Coin - are obtained by participating in automatic events; (necessary for buying a tattoo)
    · Donate Coin - is obtained by donating to the server.
    · And, in fact, Adena - is extracted by standard methods;

    · In case of death during PvP, PK, Farm, you do not lose the buff imposed on you;
    · The amount of karma received at PK is reduced by 10 times;
    · A player with karma can use an NPC; The shops;
    · Cursed weapons are disabled;

    Information about Clans:
    · When you create a clan, you immediately get the 8th level!
    · Clan skills apply to all Soklans, regardless of status.
    · Maximum number of people in the clan: 80.
    · The maximum number of academics in the clan is 30 people!
    · Exit fine / exclusion from the clan - 1 hour.
    · The number of clans in the alliance is 2;
    Clan War is available from 5 people in the clan!

    Server Commands:
    .cfg - the main command of the server, including the ability to disable xp / sp, enable / disable auto-retrieval, etc.
    .offline - command is available from level 20
    .online - command to view the real online server (data is taken from the server's core)
    .acp - only available for MP.
    .repair - the character's recovery command for crits (used by any other Persian on the account)

    5 levels of Tattoos, with adequate stats; (bought for Event Coin or Donate Coin)
    3 levels of Shirt Champion (gives +5 STR; INT; DEX; WIT; CON; MEN); (bought for Chempion Coin or Donate Coin)
    On the server there are no other additions (sets, wings, etc.).

    server linkJust a moment please...

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27793.0



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