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    « on: June 03, 2017, 06:55:59 PM »
    Hello friends!
    I'd like to introduce you to a brand new PVP Server, L2Brawl.
    Our goal is to provide casual PVP experience, with an emphasis on small group PVP.
    To reach that goal, we have decided to add Event Items that were available in the official Lineage II servers during the High Five era, while also starting with good gear without adding anything custom.
    We will use our 13 years of Lineage II experience and programming expertise, but more importantly, our common sense to slightly tweak things out to reach our goals. Keep in mind we will only change things that are VERY unpleasant to play against.
    We have decided to remove everything but end-game, and also to focus the player-base onto one city: Goddard. With one castle and one fortress, we're trying to set massive fights over the little resources players can get.

    Some features:
    - Instant PVP Server.
    - Start Level 85.
    - Up to Mid S84 Gear for free.
    - Max buffs 32 (+4 from Divine Inspiration)
    - Max song/dance 12.
    - Buffs lasts 3 hours.
    - Custom PVP Zones with Auto-Flag
    - PVP Events every half-hour
    - Sieges every week, only 1 castle.
    - TW disabled for now.
    - Heroes every week
    - Added official Lineage II event items from High Five era.
    - Buffs return after 20 seconds. (for now, until we find a better way).
    - Auto use MP CP HP potions.
    - Mana Potions cure 100, delay 1 second.
    - Safe Enchant +3

    We will officially launch June 12th!
    In the meantime,

    In our beta, everything is free!


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27462.0

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