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    L2Custom Interlude PvP Opened 16 February 2019
    « on: February 06, 2019, 06:12:42 PM »
    Website: L2Custom Interlude – Lineage 2 Private Server

    Exp/SP: x5000
    Party Exp/SP: x2
    Quest Exp/SP: x2
    Adena: x5000
    Drop: x5000
    Quest Drop: x2
    Quest Adena: x2
    Spoil: x3
    Raid Boss Drop: x2

    Max Enchant Armor & Jewels = +16 With Blessed Scrolls
    Max Enchant Weapon = +16 With Blessed Scrolls
    Max Enchant Armor & Jewels = +20 With Crystall Scrolls
    Max Enchant Weapon = +20 With With Crystall Scrolls
    Safe Enchant = +4
    Normal enchant scroll rate = 55%
    Blessed enchant scroll rate = 100%
    Crystal scrolls rate = 100%
    Normal Scroll - If Enchant fails item broke

    Team vs Team
    Double Domination
    Last Man Standing
    Lucky Chests
    Simon Says
    VIP Team vs Team
    Capture The Flag
    Korean TvT

    Full GM Shop up to S grade with Consumables
    Global Gatekeeper
    Custom Buffer WithOut Resist
    Top 20 PvP / PK / Clan etc.
    Class Changer (or change your class with the Pop-Up Window)
    Boss Manager
    Skill Enchanter
    Vote Manager
    Castle Manager
    Password Changer

    Vesper Dagger - Focus
    Vesper Bow - Quick Recovery
    Vesper Bow - Critical Slow
    Vesper Bow - Focus
    Vesper Magic Sword - Magic Silence
    Vesper Magic Sword - Empower
    Vesper Magic Sword - Acumen
    Vesper Big Sword - Health
    Vesper Big Sword - Haste
    Vesper Big Sword - Focus
    Vesper Blade - Haste
    Vesper Blade - Health
    Vesper Blade - Focus
    Vesper Bow
    Vesper Magic Blunt
    Vesper Fangs
    Vesper Blunt
    Vesper Spear
    Vesper Big Sword
    Vesper Magic Sword
    Vesper Dagger
    Vesper Blade
    Vesper Shield
    Vesper Dagger - Critical Damage
    Vesper Dagger - Haste
    Vesper Spear - Haste
    Vesper Spear - Health
    Vesper Spear - Critical Stun
    Vesper Blunt - Focus
    Vesper Blunt - Health
    Vesper Blunt - Haste
    Vesper Magic Blunt - Acumen
    Vesper Magic Blunt - Empower
    Vesper Magic Blunt - Mana Up
    Vesper Fangs - Focus
    Vesper Fangs - Critical Stun
    Vesper Fangs - Critical Silence
    Vesper Blade
    Vesper Magic Sword
    Vesper Blunt
    Skull Bow
    Vesper Dagger
    Tower Bow
    Vesper Spear
    Vesper Fangs
    Vesper Big Sword
    Dual Freya Blades
    Chaos Shield
    Dark Blood Abyssal Slayer
    Dark Blood Abyssal Sword
    Dark Blood Abyssal Visage
    Dark Blood Abyssal Mace
    Dark Blood Abyssal Bow
    Dark Blood Abyssal Pike
    Dark Blood Abyssal Spirit
    Dark Blood Abyssal Claw
    Dark Blood Abyssal Edge
    Dark Blood Abyssal Retributer
    Dark Blood Abyssal Core Sword
    Dark Blood Abyssal Gate Shield
    Epic Shield
    R90 Akra Shield
    R90 Dynaksus Shield
    R90 Karyen Shield
    R90 Sacon Shield
    R90 Kirche Fist
    R90 Grabathus Bow
    R90 Lapis Crossbow
    R90 Shayaka Crossbow
    R90 Spina Dorsi Bow
    R90 Grangkaz Staff
    R90 Grave Spear
    R90 Herencia Staff
    R90 Soryu Spear
    R90 Fuego Hammer
    R90 Polion Sword
    R90 Volver Sword
    R90 Aspeda Dagger
    R90 Phasian Dagger
    R90 Estia Sword
    R90 Imerose Sword
    R90 Kaynon Sword
    R90 Pasis Sword
    R90 Batista Hammer
    R90 Raksilion Hammer
    R90 Kiabe Mace
    R90 Pilia Mace
    Demonic Agony Splitter
    Demonic Corpse Impaler
    Demonic Blood Seeker
    Demonic Doom Bringer
    Demonic Spirit Bow
    Demonic Soul Eater
    Demonic Death Dealer
    Demonic Tormenting Whisper
    Demonic Fates Redemption
    Epic Bow Focus
    Epic Shield
    Epic Dual Sword
    Epic Sword Focus
    Epic Sword Health
    Epic Sword Acumen
    Epic Dagger Critical Damage
    Epic Fists Anger
    Epic Pole Health
    Epic Arcana Acumen
    Epic Arcana Haste
    Insolence Heavy Blade
    Insolence Bow
    Insolence Hammer
    Insolence Shaper
    Insolence Fangs
    Insolence Blade
    Magic Insolence Magic Sword
    Insolence Spear
    Insolence Mace
    Insolence Dual blade
    Insolence Staff
    Insolence Shield
    Lindvior Two Handed
    Lindvior Sword
    Lindvior Mace
    Lindvior Axe
    Lindvior Bow
    Lindvior Pole Health
    Lindvior Fists
    Lindvior Dagger
    Lindvior Dual Sword
    Lindvior Dual Slayer
    Lindvior Cutter
    Lindvior Sharper
    Lindvior Slasher
    Lindvior Thrower
    Lindvior Caster - Acumen
    Valakas Dual Cutter
    Valakas Cutter
    Valakas Buster
    Valakas Shaper
    Valakas Stormer
    Valakas Caster
    Valakas Thrower
    Valakas Slasher
    Coral Pro Shield
    Coral Pro Edge
    Coral Pro Axe
    Coral Pro Dagger
    Coral Pro Spear
    Coral Pro Cleaver
    Coral Pro Warhammer
    Coral Pro Gauntlets
    Coral Pro Bow
    Coral Pro Magic Blade
    Coral Pro Wand
    Coral Pro Dualswords
    Coral Pro Staff
    Refined Wizard Hat
    Refined Jester Hat
    Refined Romantic Chapeau
    Refined Dapper Cap
    Assassin Bamboo Hat
    Laborer Hat
    Noblesse Oblige
    Goddess Hair Style 1
    Goddess Hair Style 2
    Baium Hair
    Vesper Wings
    Vesper Necklace
    Vesper Ring
    Vesper Earring
    Coral*2016 Eternal Circlet
    Coral*2016 Eternal Leather Helmet
    Coral*2016 Eternal Helmet
    Coral*2016 Eternal Shoes
    Coral*2016 Eternal Gloves
    Coral*2016 Eternal Stockings
    Coral*2016 Eternal Tunic
    Coral*2016 Eternal Leather Boots
    Coral*2016 Eternal Leather Gloves
    Coral*2016 Eternal Leather Legging
    Coral*2016 Eternal Leather Armor
    Coral*2016 Eternal Boots
    Coral*2016 Eternal Gauntlet
    Coral*2016 Eternal Gaiter
    Coral*2016 Eternal Breastplate
    Purple Coral Cap
    Purple Coral Circlet
    Purple Coral Headgear
    Purple Coral Slippers
    Purple Coral Mittens
    Purple Coral Stockings
    Purple Coral Tunic
    Purple Coral Leather Boots
    Purple Coral Leather Gloves
    Purple Coral Leather Leggings
    Purple Coral Leather Breastplate
    Purple Coral Plate Boots
    Purple Coral Gauntlets
    Purple Coral Gaiters
    Purple Coral Breastplate
    Abyssal Cap
    Abyssal Circlet
    Abyssal Headgear
    Abyssal Slippers
    Abyssal Mittens
    Abyssal Stockings
    Abyssal Tunic
    Abyssal Leather Boots
    Abyssal Leather Gloves
    Abyssal Leather Leggings
    Abyssal Leather Breastplate
    Abyssal Plate Boots
    Abyssal Gauntlets
    Abyssal Gaiters
    Abyssal Breastplate
    Cloak of Rolling Rabbit
    Cloak of Artemis
    Cloak of The Warrior
    Cloak of Magical Luck
    Cloak of Mana
    Cloak of Health
    Cloak of The Damned
    Cloak of Champions
    Cloak of The Running Wolf
    Cloak of SpellCraft
    Cloak of Fury
    Cloak of Magical Power
    Cloak of The Attackers
    Cloak of Mentalities
    Cloak of Protectors
    Tattoo of Dragon
    Mage Agathion
    Fighter Agathion
    V.I.P Helm - Robe
    V.I.P Sandals - Robe
    V.I.P Silk Gloves - Robe
    V.I.P Doublet
    V.I.P Boots - Light Armor
    V.I.P Leather Gloves - Light Armor
    V.I.P Brigandine
    V.I.P Solleret - Heavy Armor
    V.I.P Gauntlet - Heavy Armor
    V.I.P Plate Armor
    V.I.P Helm
    Freya Necklace
    Freya Earring
    Freya Ring
    Bofess Necklace
    Bofess Earring
    Bofess Ring
    Destiny Necklace
    Destiny Earring
    Destiny Ring
    Coral Pro Sandals
    Coral Pro Mittens
    Coral Pro Stockings
    Coral Pro Tunic
    Coral Pro Leather Boots
    Coral Pro Leather Gloves
    Coral Pro Leather Gaiters
    Coral Pro Leather Breastplate
    Coral Pro Boots
    Coral Pro Gauntlets
    Coral Pro Gaiters
    Coral Pro Breastplate
    Coral Pro Helmet
    Wings Ariel
    Wings Asphel
    Wings Ether
    Wings Elysean
    Wings Enterdica
    Wings Elyaste
    Wings Elyos
    Wings Asmodian
    Wings Atreia
    Goddess Second Hair
    Goddess First Hair
    Verpes Boots
    Verpes Gloves
    Verpes Stockings
    Verpes Tunic
    Verpes Boots
    Verpes Gloves
    Verpes Leggings
    Verpes Leather Armor
    Verpes Boots
    Verpes Gloves
    Verpes Gaiters
    Verpes Breasplate
    Verpes Helmet
    Vesper Silver Boots
    Vesper Silver Gauntlets
    Vesper Silver Stockings
    Vesper Silver Robe Armor
    Vesper Silver Boots
    Vesper Silver Gloves
    Vesper Silver Leggings
    Vesper Silver Leather Armor
    Vesper Silver Boots
    Vesper Silver Gauntlets
    Vesper Silver Gaiters
    Vesper Silver Breastplate
    Vesper Silver Helmet
    Vesper Not allowed Boots
    Vesper Not allowed Gauntlets
    Vesper Not allowed Stockings
    Vesper Not allowed Robe Armor
    Vesper Not allowed Boots
    Vesper Not allowed Gloves
    Vesper Not allowed Leggings
    Vesper Not allowed Leather Armor
    Vesper Not allowed Boots
    Vesper Not allowed Gauntlets
    Vesper Not allowed Gaiters
    Vesper Not allowed Breastplate
    Vesper Not allowed Helmet
    Epic Wings
    Beach Hat
    Vesper Wings
    Tattoo Super Haste
    Epic Dark Knight Robe Cap
    Epic Dark Knight Robe Shoes
    Epic Dark Knight Robe Gauntlets
    Epic Dark Knight Robe Legs
    Epic Dark Knight Robe Tunic
    Epic Dark Knight Light Helmet
    Epic Dark Knight Light Boots
    Epic Dark Knight Light Gloves
    Epic Dark Knight Light Armor
    Epic Dark Knight Heavy Helm
    Epic Dark Knight Boots
    Epic Dark Knight Heavy Gloves
    Epic Dark Knight Heavy Armor
    Kadesh Ring
    Kadesh Earring
    Kadesh Necklace
    Hell Ring
    Hell Earring
    Hell Necklace
    Eye Ring
    Eye Earring
    Eye Necklace
    Immortal Ring
    Immortal Earring
    Immortal Necklace


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