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    L2DarkEther INTERLUDE 10x GRAND OPENING 12/08/2017
    « on: August 10, 2017, 05:41:00 PM »

    XP | Pet XP | SP - x10, Party XP | Party SP - x1.5, Adena - x50, RB Drop - x1,
    Drop - x1, Spoil - x10, Spam is not allowed stone Drop - x20
    10% chance drop item from PK | XP Lost & Karma XP Lost - x5

    Auto Loot - ON | Auto Loot Boss - OFF | Auto Learn Skills - ON

    Use shift+click on NPC to see special panel with stats and drop.

    10% chance to see special monster 'HP x5' which drop Not allowed Medal with a 90% chance.
    'HP x5' means 5 time more HP than non-'HP x5'. They show up from level 5.

    Normal Medals you can drop from all monsters in L2 world. The bigger level - the bigger drop.
    All Medals drops with 70% succes rate.

    Drop rate from all Raid Bosses: Armors are multiply by 150%, Weapons are multiply by 100%.

    Raid Boss Spawn Time: Normal RBs: 1+3 Days, Tyrranosaurus: 30+60 Minutes, Epic RBs: 4+7 Days.

    Exchange 100.000.000 adena for 'Adena Pack' by using commands: .deposit, .withdraw

    Use .offline_shop while buy/sell/craft status to log out and leave shop in game.
    You can be offline maximum 3 days. After server restart all shops will be loaded automatically.

    PC Bang Points starts from 20 level. You can see it in the top right corner of the screen below the map.
    15% chance to double bang points. Deal bang points every half hour.

    Safe Enchant: 3 | Max Enchant with Normal Scroll and Blessed Scroll: 15
    To see what the chance is for Normal Scroll and Blessed Scroll read a description of the scroll.
    You can use Crystal Scroll from 16 to 20 with a 100% chance.
    1% more enchant chance on Dwarf level 78+.
    Hero weapons can be enchanted.

    Enchant full armor set to 18 to get armor bonus stats.

    Here is no quests on the server. Only for recipes S grade, PK Quest and Subclass quest.

    Mana Drug as buff for 20 seconds. Every 2 seconds 200 MP.
    Mana Potion recharge 200 MP immediately.

    Retail Crafting System

    Top No-Grade items on start.

    Allowed only 2 Dualboxes.

    Here is maximum 28 buffs slots. 24 + 4

    No penalty for join/leave clan/alliance.
    Alliance can be between two clans only.
    Minimum clan members for war is 5.

    Allowed only one augmentation passive or active. Retail chances.

    PvP Color System: 100, 500, 1000
    PK Color System: 100, 500, 1000

    Capture The Flag (CTF) Event:
    Reward: 20 Not allowed Medals
    Event Time: 10 Minutes
    Join Time: 1 Minute
    Need minimum 4 players to event start.
    Need minimum 60 level to join event.
    Auto start time: 7am | 5pm
    Can not use: Summons, Potions, Cursed Weapons
    Buffs remain after death.

    Death Match (DM) Event:
    Reward: 20 Not allowed Medals
    1 Kill Reward: 100 Medals
    Event Time: 10 Minutes
    Join Time: 1 Minute
    Need minimum 4 players to event start.
    Need minimum 60 level to join event.
    Auto start time: 1pm | 11pm
    Can not use: Summons, Cursed Weapons
    Can use: Potions
    Buffs remain after death.

    Team Vs Team (TvT) Event:
    Reward: 20 Not allowed Medals
    Top Killer Reward: 200 Medals
    Event Time: 10 Minutes
    Join Time: 1 Minute
    Need minimum 4 players to event start.
    Need minimum 60 level to join event.
    Auto start time: 10am | 8pm
    Can not use: Summons, Potions, Cursed Weapons
    Buffs remain after death.

    Town War (TW) Event:
    Event Town: Floran Village
    Reward: 300k Adena per 1 Kill
    Manual launch by server GM.
    Can not be PK during event, GK not working during event.
    Auto ressurect if player die.

    No limit for maximum casting speed and attack speed.
    All classes has 40 speed more on start.
    Double Weight for all classes in game on start.

    Server is Dual classed. (Main + One SubClass)
    SubClass is allowed on level 78+. You need to finish Mimir's Elixir quest. It is modified by us.
    Passive skills like: Robe Mastery, Light Mastery and Heavy Mastery are fixed and dont give high bonuses.
    Mutants are allowed.

    Need minimum 4 players for Rift and Four Sepulcher.
    Rift join price in Not allowed Medals: 1 - Recruit, 3 - Soldier, 6 - Officer, 9 - Captain, 12 - Commander, 15 - Hero.
    Here is no jumps between rooms in rift. If u join rift you are immediatelly move to boss room.
    Retail Four Sepulcher

    All Clan Halls has 5 NPCs: Buffer, Shop, Grand Magister, Warehouse Keeper, Custom Gatekeeper.

    Allow discard items. Discarded items automatically removed after 5 minutes.

    Global chat enable for all players for free.

    Newbie players can not be attacked until level 20.
    Teleport Protection
    SubClass Change Protection
    Clan Items/Clan Hall Items Restrictions - w/o Apella Set

    Stackable: Scrolls, Enchants, Life Stones, Books

    Devasted Castle siege every Friday at 6pm.
    Partisan Hideout siege every Monday at 2pm.

    Olympiad start at 6pm until midnight. Weekly period.

    Type .repair to fix your character when bugged.
    Even if something happen and not working try first restart your client!

    Type .delevel to delevel your character.
    You can delevel your Main Class only to 40 level and only if you are level 41+.
    Be careful! If you delevel your Main Class and you are Noblesse you will lost it!

    Type .online to see how many players are online.

    Type .expon .xpon .expoff .xpoff to enable/disable getting experience.

    Unique Shop with D, C, B Grades items and other stuff.
    Free Buffer with Songs, Dances, PP/EE/SE Buffs and other buffs.
    Scheme Buffer
    Free Gatekeeper
    Custom GK with all Towns, Catacombs, Necropolies and Rift Teleport.
    Skill Enchanter - One NPC with all races.
    Skill Trainer with custom skills to learn by player.

    NPCs: Noblesse Trader, Augmenter, Symbol Maker, Auctioneer, Specator, Protector, Achievements Manager, Class Master, Mammon, Warehouse Keeper, Grand Magister, Raid Boss Status, Subclass Master.


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