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    L2DEATH.RU - INTERLUDE+ X100 000!
    « on: November 14, 2017, 05:09:10 PM »
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    The beginning of the character:
    The rates of the server: x50000
    The character starts on the 80th level in Giran, with the status “Baron”.
    The character has got 2kk adens and expendable material in his pocket (to save the time).
    There is also a full starting set of items for a magician and for a warrior + unique wings for the beginner.
    The process of the game:
    4 types of armor
    4 types of weapons
    Also, "Weapons of the Gods" - a weapon stronger than the 4th lvla
    Also "Helmet of the Gods" - helmet stronger than 4th lala
    4 levels of unique helmets
    4 levels of unique wings
    2 levels of unique jewelry.
    Maximum grinding +80, Safe +20.
    The chance of sharpening is 94%, if the failure is reset to +20.
    Automatic events (TvT, LastHero).
    Class balance.
    There is a drop from the PC, in some areas there is an Anti-PC.
    A variety of server currency.
    Sieges of castles every 7 days.
    There are bags of luck on the server.
    Clan System:
    During the creation your clan gets the 5th level at once
    Dear Clan Leaders, you can get a bonus clan in automatic mode in NPCs standing in giran!
    Maximum number of clans is 40
    For the killing of each clan, your clan gets 50 reputation
    All guards in the clan are completely disabled.
    All fines in the clan are completely disabled.
    Clan skills require only a clan reputation when exploring.
    Sieges of castles:
    On our server, the siege of the castles is fully realized.
    Sieges of castles are held every week on Saturday and Sunday.
    For the capture of the castle Aden you receive a prize of 50 donate coins, automatically.
    Daily Quest:
    Do the quest every day and get prizes
    Zeroing out of quests takes place every day at 5 am on the Moscow time
    Receive a reward only once a day
    To receive a reward, approach the NPC Daily task
    The list of awards you can see .dev or the NPC in the game

    2Death RZM points:
    On the opening day you can earn for the PvP Coin "Not allowed Cup", for it you can buy RZM points
    PvP has become more interesting
    RZM points that can be exchanged into real money
    Not allowed cup Coin will be valid only from "20:00 to 04:00" in the morning until auto restart
    Not allowed Cup Coin happens only in PvP Zone Goddard
    After the auto restart, the coin disappears and RZM points can be bought for "Donat Monet."
    New skills for Skill Coin:
    For them you can purchase unique items which will enhance your characteristics.
    Might 5 levels. Increases P.Atack by 5,10,15,20,30% - respectively.
    Shield 5 levels. Increases P.Def by 5,10,15,20,30% - respectively.
    Empower 5 levels. Increases M.Atack by 5,10,15,20,30% - respectively.
    Magic Barrier 5 levels. Increases M.Def by 5,10,15,20,30% - respectively.
    Maximum HP 5 levels. Increases HP by 20.000-80.000 depending on the level.
    Maximum MP of 5 levels. Increases MP by 4,000-12,000 depending on the level.
    Olympiad / NPC / Zone:
    Heroism every Monday at 12:00
    The Olympiad starts at 18:00
    Unique new, convenient NPC.
    Farm zones by levels (Easy, Medium, Hard).
    A few points at the farm zone levels.
    Many unique Raid-Bosses
    Unique Teleport:
    Teleport to Bosses:
    With the appearance of any Boss - you have on the screen a proposal "Go to the Boss"
    Registration for events:
    The events are held in the classic outfit!!!
    At the beginning of any event - you have on the screen the offer "To participate in the event?"
    Both events are held only in classical outfit!!!
    Team VS Team - is held in Fort. Every 40 minutes. Reward 1 Skill Coin, 2 Event Coins.
    * Restriction of sharpening on TvT +20, things for your profession are dressed automatically.
    Last Hero - is held in the Colosseum. Every 120 minutes. Reward 2 Skill Coin, 4 Event Coins.
    Both events are held only in classical outfit!
    PvP Manager:
    Event PvP - You can purchase additional "passive" skills:
    Gaming Currency
    Farm Coin: You can get a mob killed in any of Farm Zones.
    Upgrade Coin: You can get by exchanging Farm Coin.
    Get it by killing mobs in Special Farm, a coin to buy Level 4 Shmoth.
    The coin is issued to the winning team on the events.
    PvP Coin: A symbol of victory. Coin for killing in the PvP zone
    RaidBoss Coin: You can get in Farm Zones by killing the mob RBKhechka.
    Donate Coin: A valuable server coin received for donations to the server
    Pen [Quest]: You can get it by taking Quest on the wings, and go kill the mobs in the special zone.
    RB Wings Coin: You can get it by taking Quest on the wings, and go to kill RB Wings.
    Wings Coin: Wings Coin, reward for killing RB on quest for wings
    Coin of the Gods: A unique coin for the purchase of the Weapon and the Helmet of the Gods
    Lord of the Coin: A unique coin for the purchase of The Lord of the Ring
    Not allowed Cup [Coin for 1 Day]: Unique Coin for the purchase of RZM points, Coin happens only in PvP Zone with a reward for PvP
    Certificate [Scroll for 2 Hours]: Unique currency for a trekking in the farm zone of Giran Harbor
    Skill Coin: The coin for buying Unique Skills, is given for winning on the Events
    Chest of Fortune: Dropped from the monsters "Nyub, Heavy Farm." Award (Random): 500 Farm, 1 Upgrade, 10 RBC
    L2Top Coin: Coin for voice in the ranking L2TOP.RU
    Potection / Security:
    Complete absence of friezes, lags on the server.
    Protection of the ISO Guard against cheat programs.
    Uninterrupted server operation 24/7.
    A convenient command .menu.
    Bind the account by IP and HWID.
    Starting online 3000+ players
    Classical Olympiad, reset sharpening at +7.
    Responsive administration.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27838.0