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    Server Features:
    Gracia Final
    High and Low Rate Combined.
    PvP and PvE

    Basic Features

    NPC Buffer
    Book of Secret
    Automatic Events
    Farming Areas
    PvP Colours
    PvP Rewarding System
    Stats on accessories
    Working Raidbosses
    Custom enchant rates.
    Starting level: 80
    Max level 95.

    Unique Features

    Dest Coin, Dest Silver and Dest Not allowed

    Item Currency:
    Eva's, Shilen, Einhasad and Gran Kain Hearts

    There are 6 tiers of armors and weapons:
    Rare, Heroic, Unique, Epic, Legendary and Obsidian.
    Epic and above will be extremly hard to obtain.

    Rare to Heroic
    These Armor and Weapons are very easy to obtain, they already have a very high enchant when bought off the shop.

    The reason for this is so starting players have a chance against Epic and above players.

    Epic Armor and Weapons:
    The "Casual" Epic items is the standard gear after playing a bit. Epic is not hard to get but rather requires a small group.
    Any gear above Epic is nearly equally to Epic. Any gear above Epic has an better offensive and defensive skills, which makes them better than Epic.

    Legendary Armor and Weapons:
    Legendary's can be farmed through the "hidden" areas of the world. These areas have a 12 hours respawn time after killing them.

    Obsidian Weapons:
    The strongest and hardest weapon to obtain.
    They have a chance to stack either buff or debuff when you attack,
    Example: Increase Attack Speed and Reduce enemy pDef, stacks up to 5 times.

    Obsidian Weapons:
    The strongest and hardest armors to obtain.
    These armor parts have invidually stats, and when you combine them, you earn a special set bonus.

    Custom talisman with usefull stats.


    Working and challanging APCs
    They drop Obsidian gear and are very hard to kill.

    Legendary Farming.
    Run around and explore the world to find the legendary creatures - 12 hours respawn time.

    Obsidian Farming.
    Weekend only and Killing Raidbosses for Obsidian Gear.

    Custom skills:
    New and rare skills have been created.

    Support and less playable classes.
    Some classes have been adjusted and added a couple of skills to them to make them worth playing.

    Do not skip any tiers of items, monsters are based off a "fully" equipped player. If you only focus on, Weapon, Armor and Jewelry, you will not get far and things will be really hard for you.
    Get fully geared before moving past Heroic. Cloak, Accessories, Bracelet, Belt, Armor, Weapon, Accessories, Talismans and etc.
    - Rushing through the game, does not make you stronger, but will make you weaker in the end.

    L2 Destruction

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/l2-adzone/10/gracia-final-lineage-2-destruction-custom-pvp-server/26955/

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27090.0
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