Author Topic: L2OFFNEW L2DEX PVP CRAFT! Interlude Genesis x50: Opening April 11  (Read 950 times)

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Since we all stay in our homes , lets have fun !

Opening April 11 at 20:00 (UTC +2)
Closed Test from March 14
Open Beta Test from April 4


Hello everyone!
One time in a year, we open Craft-PvP Interlude server. This is not just a server for few weeks, we are preparing thoroughly and make such opening not often.
Each time we try make something new, and more interesting, but at the same time we try keep spirit of Nanna-style server (hello to all old players ;) ).
Our Interlude servers - was always like ideal among all craft-pvp servers. It's hurricane game-play, thought-out concept and a balanced economy. It's compliance of game mechanics for all 100% with official servers from Interlude times.

This time we want open Interlude on new modern client, that we use in our Gracia Evolution server which is well established.

What new:
  • Good optimisation - you can comfortable play with good FPS even on old PC systems
  • No critical errors that we have a lot on old Interlude client
  • Comfortable mechanics - shift+click on items, alt+click on buffs, ctrl+c/v to copy text and much more..
  • Upgraded game map with implemented world info - available quests, hunting zones, bosses
  • ALT+B - in game data base, where you can find any item and drop for it, skills, mobs etc
  • Improved graphics
  • And more other good things, that you will see in game and in full server description (wiki)
Full server description will be posted a bit later, but we want to give you basic info about server

  • Exp/SP x50
  • Adena/Drop: x20 - x30
  • Spoil: x10
Some features:
  • Available Buffers in Towns and by using Buff Book
  • B gr for adena in shop
  • A gr recipes for adena + ancient adena
  • 1st/2nd profession for adena
  • 3rd profession short quest - 700 mobs on Shrine of Loyalty
  • Nobless/SubClass - short quest, you just need to be near key RBs when they die
  • Mana potion - 1000 MP / 10 sec CD - can be changed before opening
This is just basic things, that you maybe want to know now.
Full server description with all details will be post later on forum and on Site on Wiki page

We will have 2 stages for Beta test:
  • Closed from March 14 - all who want to help, who are interested to give some ideas, propositions on server, make test will be allowed on this closed server (after pming me on discord)
  • Open from April 4 - on this stage server will be almost ready and will looks like on opening, everyone can join and test
We will be glad to hear any comments and suggestions on the forum and on our discord channel
- Join discord

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=29518.0

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