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    L2Endeavor Classic 2.0 (Saviors) 07 August, 2018
    « on: July 30, 2018, 07:26:48 PM »

    We would like to announce the opening of L2Endeavor, a high rate classic 2.0 L2 server (saviors). We invite everyone to participate in the open beta, giving opinions, suggestions and criticisms.

    The idea of opening a classic server is to bring back the nostalgia and old spirit of L2. The server is aimed at the old players, who played the first chronicles of lineage 2, which lost the sparkle and the gameplay with the course of the new updates. We want to bring back this sparkle and the joy of many old players, who often no longer have enough time to make a good progression on a server low rate.

    ================= L2 Endeavor =================

    Website:  https://l2endeavor.com/
    Forum: http://forum.l2endeavor.com
    Grand Opening: 07 August, 2018 • 19:00 (UTC 0)
    Beta Opening:  01 August, 2018 • 19:00 (UTC 0)
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2endeavor/

    ================= Server Rates =================

    The server will be based on a rate of 100x, aiming to make the farm / grind less tiresome, having a fast progression and making the PVP increasingly attractive.

    The fact that the server is high rate does not mean that you will be completely full in 1 week, much less you will have everything easily. The farm and the improvement of the equips occur simultaneously, offering a continuous progression to the players until they become full.

    ============= Enchants =============

    Safe Enchant: +3

    Max. Enchant: +20

    Olympiad Enchant: +6

    The Classic offers different types of enchants:

    Normal Scroll : 66%
    (Increases 1 level per enchant. After +3, in case of failure, the item is crystallized)

    Improved Scroll : 66%
    (Increases 1 to 3 levels per enchant. After +3, in case of failure, the item is crystallized)

    Solid Scroll: 66%
    (Increases 1 level per enchant. in case of failure, the item keeps the enchant. However, usable only on items +7 or less)

    Blessed Scroll: 66%
    (Increases 1 level per enchant. In case of failure, the item returns to +0)

    In order to facilitate the enchantment of the items, we added an Ancient Scroll:

    Ancient Scroll: 66%
    (Increases 1 level per enchant. In case of failure, the item keeps the enchant)

    The way to obtaining the Scrolls: Normal, Improved and Solid, we will keep retail, that is, in the NPC Galladucci, located in the Luxury Shop of Giran. However, instead of offering enchants B and C, only enchants A will be sold. Both the chance to get the scrolls, and the items to generate them have been changed. The success chance has been increased and the items kept the using pattern of Scroll Part + Normal Scroll.

    The Blessed Enchant can be obtained only in drop from Raid Bosses.

    Ancient Scrolls can be obtained only in drop from Grand Bosses.

    ============= Buffs =============

    The server has NPC Buffer in all cities. The npc allows buffing the player or summon, as well as offering automatic buff for those who does not have much idea of which buffs to pick up for their class, as well as allows the creation of up to 3 schemes (buffs saved). Making possible for the players to configure automatically the buffs they want.

    All buffs offered by NPC have a duration of 2 hours.

    Number of Slots:

    Buffs: 24 slots
    Song/Dance: 12 slots

    The values of the Npc buffer are progressive:

    76+ = Final value
    40-75 = Final value / 5
    0-40 = Free

    ============= Weapons =============

    The current version of the server, Classic Saviors, has as top items the A-Grade items. Given the diversity of models of each A-Grade weapon (3 A-Grade daggers, 3 A-Grade bows, etc.) we understand that it would not make sense to put the different types of weapon at different prices in the GM Shop, since no player will invest (adena, item farm, enchants, etc) in the weaker weapon.

    Because of this we decided to level all A-Grade weapons, i.e., apply the p. attack / m. attack status from TOP A-Grade into the MID and LOW A-Grade. Therefore all A-Grade weapons of the same type will have the same status (all bows, blunts, sword, etc. will have the same status), where the choice between them will be only by the taste (skin preference).

    ============= Craft e Spoil =============

    Given the server proposal, being high rate and more PvP oriented, all drops of craft items or drops per spoil were removed. All game items can be purchased from the GM shop.

    ============= Olympiads =============

    Unlike the official, where fights only take place on Fridays and Saturdays, the fights will happen from Thursday to Sunday. The change was made to increase the number of days, so that people who can not be online on the weekend do not end up losing the whole fight week. We also choose to not leave it happening through the whole week, because in addition to promoting a bigger dispute, we will have more control over the fights, since the GMs will have only 4 days a week to dedicate to observe the olys and to punish the feeders.

    Aiming for greater equality between the participants, the Olympiads will have the max enchant at +6, that is, even if you have items with enchant greater than +6, during the fight in the olys they will have the statuses of items +6.

    ============= Reward for logging in daily =============

    A daily reward for players who regularly play on the server are implemented on the server. Those prizes aim to reward active players who actually dedicate themselves and support the server.

    After logging in, a window showing the available rewards will appear. To get them, just stay logged in for 30 minutes. After this you will be informed that the reward is now available to be claimed.

    The prize is unique per account, that is, if you have an account with 5 chars, the moment you get the daily reward in one of them, that same reward will be inactive in the others.

    ============= Daily Missions e Daily coin =============


    In the Official, you receive Daily Coins as a reward for gaining level or completing some missions, which could be used to buy craft items in the high priest. However, by removing the craft on the server, we changed the rewards of the Daily Missions to Attendance Coins, thus making it easier to purchase items in the Dimensional Merchant.

    ============= Donations =============

    NO type of donation will be offered in the first month of the server. After the first month, according to server development, we will add options for players to donate. This position has been taken since we believe that a large and stable period is necessary for players to equip themselves and thus avoid any gap between donors and non-donors. Without this measure, donor players would have enormous advantage over non-donor players, which we do not think is interesting and healthy for the server.

    All items that will be made available by donation can also be purchased under the normal conditions in the game.

    There will be no distinction between donor and non-donor players. In other words, there will be no preferential or priority service to anyone and the rules and punishments are the same for EVERYONE.

    ============= Mana Potion =============

    Mana is a factor, wanting or not, determining for the game. Given this, we understand that it is not interesting that the mana is made available in an "infinite" way, as this would negatively influence several things, among them:

    Unbalance: more powerful or useful skills usually have higher mana consumption, just to be used with caution and wisdom. By providing infinite mana, powerful classes will become even more powerful.

    Give functionality to all classes: the use of mana burn, recharge, etc. are key points in a mass pvp. By providing infinite mana certain classes lose their functions and some skills become useless.

    Study the build better: When you have infinite mana, it is almost unanimous the remotion of MEN in favor of other statuses, such as INT and WIT, so certain sets or items that increase MEN are usually discarded.

    In order to improve the gameplay and the balance between classes, at the same time making players think of useful builds for certain situations, we decided to add mana potion with a gradual effect (increase over time, as healing potion) and not with instant recovery.

    The potion has been optimized so that in the PVE / FARM mana is not lacking to anybody (e.g. a mage spamming skills). As long as the player continues to use mana potion, he will not have problems with the mana ending.

    ============= Noblesse Blessing =============

    The Classic Saviors version does not yet have the subclass system, ie, no player can acquire the skill noblesse blessing in order to maintain the buffs after the char death.

    Based on the server proposal and aiming dynamic and competitive mass pvp, we added a scroll buff able to provide you the nobless blessing. The scroll can be obtained in any grocery and has fixed cast, that means it will not have casting difference between mages and fighters, all will take the same time to buff.

    You can also buy a Blessing Scroll in clastle chamberlain, this scroll has faster casting.

    ============= AntiBot =============

    The server uses the best current antibot of the market (sguard). However, even with this protection, we've added the bot report system (accessible in your character's action window), where players can report other players they think might be using some bot program to farm. Also, a passive protection, where from a certain time the system will interact with the player in some way to verify that it is in fact in control of the char.

    ============= DDoS Protection =============

    The server has state-of-the-art DDoS protection and a proxies system, which offers different login alternatives enabling a lower latency to players around the world.

    ============= Other features =============

    Auto SS / BSS, damage system, casting bar, target assist, etc.

    It will not be possible to use mounts if the player is in combat mode.

    Detailed Class Manager available on Community Board (Alt + B).

    3rd Class skills that are only learned using books can be obtained from the Lorenzo NPC located in Aden's grocery store

    A 1 day Lucky Charm was added. If you want a safe farm, without fear of dropping any items if you die for a mob, keep that item in your inventory.

    The purchase of quick healing potion in the castle's NPC has been limited, preventing players from becoming immortal.
    We decrease the land rate of debuffs in general. We understand that in a PvpP or massPvP strategies and tactics should be a key factor in achieving victory. Classic has the peculiarity of having a very high success rate of debuffs, which often makes the game annoying and tiring, where the first player to debuff will win.

    ============= Server's future =============

    The server is designed to provide fun and entertainment to everyone for many years. For this the staff is committed to maintaining a quality support, with fast service and gradually implementing several updates to keep players always entertained with the game. Among them, we are already finalizing the update of Classic for 2.5 (Zaken).

    These updates will occur according to the progression of the server itself, so if after a few months we understand that the server is mature enough, we will upgrade to 2.5, and so on. Always respecting the time of the server and the players.

    Server Promo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01iASyTyvPY

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=28591.0
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