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    L2Eola-Valzaroth x500 17TH March more than 4000+ Online Play
    « on: February 17, 2017, 09:57:15 AM »
    Lineage 2 Eola Official Trailer 17th March the Beginning of a New Journey

    General Information of Valzaroth

    Basic Information
    Experience Rates: x500
    SP Rates: x500
    Adena: x 50
    Party Exp: x 1.5
    Party SP: X 1.5

    Enchant Rates
    Safe +4 for armor
    Safe +4 for weapons
    Normal Enchant Scrolls 75%
    Blessed Max Enchant +12 for Armor (Blessed Scrolls Rate 80%)
    Blessed Max Enchant +14 for Weapons (Blessed Scrolls Rate 80%)
    Eola's Blessing +18 for Armor(50% but item won't go to 0 after fail, it will go only 1 enchant less instead)
    Eola's Blessing +18 for Weapons(50% but item won't go to 0 after fail, it will go only 1 enchant less instead)

    Augmentation Rates
    Normal life stone lvl 76 - 2%
    Mid Life stone lvl 76 - 4%
    High grade life stone lvl 76 8%
    Top grade life stone lvl 76 15%

    General Information
    Auto loot
    Buff slots 28+4
    Subclass & Class Change Free
    New H5 olympiad System
    Solo and Party Dungeons
    New Territory Wars system from H5
    Sieges & Manors working l2off like
    Skills & classes based on retail l2off balance
    Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes
    Max subclasses 3
    Augments 1+1
    Economy System
    Weekend zones
    2 Static Eola's Custom bossed (Chaotic & non-Chaotic) (With Special requirements)
    Party zone with static times (Changes Zone every day)
    Party Zone Separate in 2 pieces South/West Side Chaotic/Normal
    Olympiad Games Retail like (with some custom restrictions)
    PvP Zone with restrictions for unlimited PvP (Closed During Party zone) (Changes Every 1 Hour)
    Chaotic Epic Bosses
    Unique Game Play
    Many more features!

    Custom Features & Information's
    Eola Dungeons
    To make the game easier and more enjoyable for the solo players but also for the clan players
    we create Dungeons(Instances) in lineage 2 Eola which you can enter 2 times every 12 hours.

    Dungeon Story mode(Solo)
    In this Dungeon you can enter alone there is 4 rooms of mobs which need to be clean up to go to next stages
    Mobs has more boosted drops from the Normal Farm zones of Valzeroth server.
    After Completing 4 Rooms of mobs and you succeed it,you will have to make one more final move!
    In order to complete the Dungeon you must slain the Sons of Valzaroth!
    In any case you fail to complete any stage you loose your chance to re-enter on Story Mode for the next 12 hours.

    Dungeon Party(Hard)
    In this Dungeon, you need to have a full party to enter & complete.
    The mobs are x10 times stronger than the story mode.
    after completing 5 rooms of mobs and hind quests you will move in the room,
    where you have to slain The Sons of Valzaroth!(Don't be happy, you ain't done yet!,the journey just begin!)
    After killing the Valzaroth's Sons,you will be Teleported to the Final Stage.
    The Valzaroth the Forbidden.
    in any case you fail with your party to make the Dungeon, you will loose your chance to enter for the next 12 hours.

    Rewards & Prizes
    Story Solo Dungeon
    You get to choose 1 epic jewel which will last for next 6 hours.
    Solo instance misc reward,lifestones,bogs,crystal scrolls,blessed scrolls(and Eola Dungeon Box)
    The box Contain: 1 Eola Dungeon Coin,life stones,crystal scrolls.(With 10 Coins of Eola Dungeon you can buy an epic for ever)

    Party Dungeon
    Books,lifestones,blessed stones,blessed scrolls,3 Boxes
    and also lot of drops from the Valzaroth the Forbidden.

    Remember you can't choose to buy an epic jewel twice,if you already took one from the solo dungeon you can't choose to take it again from the Party Dungeon.

    Custom Party zone & Settings
    Party zone is separated in 2 pieces South & West
    The South Side of party zone its (Normal Zone and it has 50% fewer drops than Chaotic Side)
    The West Side of party zone it's (Chaotic Zone and it has 50% more drops than Normal Zone)
    There is a Mini-Boss every 3 Hours in Chaotic Side(West)
    To enter Party zone you need at least 1 more active member in your party.
    Party zone Changes its location every day in a brand new zone.

    Territory War System & Wards
    First of all, this feature has been never applied in Interlude client before and it will be really unique and fun.

    Territory Wards
    How does it works:
    Territory wards its an System for higher chronicles like Gracia,Freya and so.
    Its a very attractive and good system for more pvp's and castle pvp domination's
    Every clan has a (Ward),the wards has extra statics for Example Aden Ward:
    Territory wars are pretty similar to castle sieges but both - merchants and clans may participate.
    The territory consists of castle(the eye of the storm smile.png ), the corresponding town or village, territory fortress and hunting ground. There are 9 territories:
    Twtag_gludio.jpg Gludio,Twtag_dion.jpg Dion,Twtag_giran.jpg Giran,Twtag_oren.jpg Oren,Twtag_aden.jpgAden,Twtag_innadril.jpg Innadril,Twtag_goddard.jpg Goddard,Twtag_rune.jpg Rune,Twtag_schut.jpg Schuttgart

    Notice: People will have those Crests up on their heads depend on which castle they own.

    Attackers' goal - rush into the castle , steal the flag(ward) , "Spam is not allowed" it by using Capture Ward and port back to your castle.Defend both flags(your own and the stolen one) until TW end.
    Defenders' goal - don't let attackers break into your castle and steal your flag.Don't let the attackers destroy catapults located inside the affiliated fortresse.If the catapult is destroyed all castle NPCs (guardians) disappear and the castle gates are open.

    Participating rules and TW period:
    1)You can register through the Mercenary Captain
    2)TWs occur 1 day before the castle siege (Saturday-TW->Sunday-Castle Siege);
    3)Clan members that are authorised for that action can sign the whole clan for the TW;
    4)Only players above level 40 that have completed their 2nd class transfer are allowed to join the TW;
    5)TW registration/cancelation period ends 2 hours before the TW begins;
    6)Castle owners are automatically registered;
    7)Ressurection rules are same as for CS;

    Combat,penalties and more:
    1)You do not need to hold CTRL button to attack your enemies;
    2)You are not allowed to attack allied players(even forceattack won't do the trick);
    3)AOE skills do not damage allied units,but neutrals(non affiliated) and enemies BOTH suffer their effects;
    4)When you die you may suffer the "Battlefield syndrome"(same as death penalty);
    5)You don't suffer exp loss upon death in the siegezone(same does not apply if you leave the battle area);
    6)Leaving siege territory marks you nickname purple for 120 seconds (aka you are flagged);
    7)If you die you can go to castle,village and/or the outpost(HQ).

    Castle lords are able to build headquarters(indestructible) which boost regeneration by 100%,you can "revive" here no matter if you are clan member or merc(aka random smile.png ).The outpost costs 120 gems B.You may have only 1 HQ.

    Mercenaries(special items):
    Mercenaries can keep their anonimity by transforming with the Mercenarie Disguise Scrolls(their names will be changed to "[Territory]Guardian" for both - character name and system msgs).Your disguise lasts 30 mins.

    1)The wards benefit their owners with stat bonuses:
    Gludio Territory Benefaction - STR +1 / INT +1
    Dion Territory Benefaction - DEX +1 / WIT +1
    Giran Territory Benefaction - STR +1 / MEN +1
    Oren Territory Benefaction - CON +1 / MEN +1
    Aden Territory Benefaction - DEX +1 / MEN +1
    Innadril Territory Benefaction - CON +1 / INT +1
    Goddard Territory Benefaction - DEX +1 / INT +1
    Rune Territory Benefaction - STR +1 / WIT +1
    Schuttgart Territory Benefaction - CON +1 / WIT +1

    These rewards effects appear in your skills window as passives if you are member of a castle owning clan.Academy members do not receive the bonuses.In order to get the benefits from the "stolen" wards your clan has to own its own castle ward.For example if your clan owns Gludio and has stolen Innadril's flag but the Gludio flag is missing (aka it's stolen from you) you DO NOT get the Innadril ward's bonus.

    Items and Badges:
    You can buy various items and Noblesse status after finishing the Mercenary Captain's quest.

    Blessed Giant's Codex - Oblivion 20 badges, 1000 Farm Items
    Giant's Codex - Mastery 80 badges, 1800 Farm Items
    Giant's Codex - Discipline 54 badges, 2000 Farm Items

    Blue Talisman - Buff Cancel 13 badges, 1800 Farm Items
    Blue Talisman - Buff Steal 14 badges, 1800 Farm Items
    Red Talisman - Territory Guard
    Blue Talisman - Lord's Divine Protection
    White Talisman - All Resistance

    Territory Health Recovery Potion 8 badges, 500 Farm Items
    Territory Mana Recovery Potion 8 badges, 500 Farm Items
    Territory CP Recovery Potion 8 badges, 500 Farm Items

    Rune Clip 32 badges, 1800 Farm Items
    Magic Ornament 16 badges, 1800 Farm Items
    Guardian's Strider 80 badges 2800 Farm Items

    Supply Box – Epic Chest
    Supply Box – Belt: Grade S,A 70 badges + 1800 Farm Items
    Supply Box – Magic Pouch: Grade B,C 4 badges + 1800 Farm Items
    Supply Box – Magic Pouch: Grade S,A 16 badges + 1800 Farm Items
    Supply Box – Magic Pin: Grade B,C 8 badges + 1800 Farm Items
    Supply Box – Magic Pin: Grade S,A 32 badges + 1800 Farm Items

    When you have collected 100 badges from one territory you can become Noblesse without levelling subclass to 75.

    Setting territory lord:
    To proclaim the territory owner castle lord needs to fulfill "Path to Becoming a Lord" quest.Starter NPC is the Chamberlain located in each castle.

    Conditions for proclaiming a territory lord:
    1)The castle should have either no relation or contract status with all player owned fortresses in the territory (excluding a border fortress). If a fortress has claimed its independence within the territory, then the lcastle lord cannot be proclaimed as lord of the territory.
    2)One has to complete the 'Path to Becoming a Lord' quest.
    3)One has to complete the quest 2 hours befor to the start of the territory war.

    The following changes occur when a territory lord is proclaimed:
    1)Being proclaimed as territory lord is a necessary condition to expand a clan's level to 8.
    2)The territory lord's clan emblem is automatically registered to all NPC's residing within their territory.
    3)10% increase in seed sales and crop purchases.

    Territory lord proclamation will automatically be cancelled under following situations:
    1)When the clan is disbanded.
    2)When the lord is changed at the end of a castle siege
    3)When proclaiming lord is cancelled, all activated functions will be initialized.

    Eola's Custom Bosses
    (1)Eola's Spirit Chaotic Boss(Hard)
    Eola's Spirit chaotic zone contains a custom Raid Boss which has static time of respawn.
    (It spawns at 18:00 for first time and then again at 00:30 (GMT +3)
    The Drops of Chaotic Eola's Spirit: 5 Raid Boss Jewel's Chest (A chest treasure which contain all the Raid Boss jewels)
    and by clicking it will automatically give you one of the Raid Boss jewels randomly.
    Eola's Chaotic Boss also contains several goods.
    Eola's Spirit will allow the Party or Command channel with the most damage to pick up first the drops.

    (2)Eola's Spirit Normal Boss(Medium)
    Eola's Spirit Normal Boss will spawn 4 times a day in static times.(every 6 hours)
    First at 6:00-12:00-18:00-00:00 (GMT +3)
    Eola's Spirit Normal Boss contains 6 Raid Boss Jewel's Box & several goods.
    The drop from Eola's Spirit Boss goes totally random (if 500 players are dpsing the Eolas Spirit, the Chest of Jewel's will go random to the players who contributed to kill Eola's Boss.)(Players who got the Jewel Chest will be announced)(it will drop only 1 chest per player each time).

    Custom Bosses for raid tokens & special drops.
    3 Bosses in Ketra (Hekaton Prime,Tayr,Brakki)
    3 Bosses in Varka (Shadith,Horus,Mos)
    1 Bosses in Fog Lower(Ember)
    1 Bosses in Hot Springs (Hestia)

    Lineage 2 Eola Custom Olympiad System
    Olympiads in lineage 2 Eola have been adapted from H5 and applied to interlude.
    The balance and skills have not been touched.
    What is New?
    4 Unique Stadiums from H5 client with geodata and skilled game play.
    Buffer to choose 5 out of 10 buffs from Olympiad Hoster.
    In every fight is done a panel will show up the results
    Olympiad starts every day at 19:00+2 and ends at 2:00+2
    Olympiad Refresh status every 5 minutes.
    Olympiad Announce every game when its starts.
    Base Classed Games been removed.
    Olympiad Restrictions
    Maximum enchant +6 Weapon
    Maximum enchant +6 Armor
    No custom accessories or castle lord crowns

    Custom Siege System
    Sieges will be daily (GMT +3)
    Monday - Gludio 22:00
    Tuesday - Giran 22:00
    Wednesday - Dion 22:00
    Thursday - Indadrill 22:00
    Friday - Goddard 22:00
    Saturday - Oren 18:00 / Rune 22:00
    Sunday - Shtutgart 18:00 / Aden 22:00

    Territory Wars System
    Territory wars system been developed to make sieges and players to have more contribution in pvps & fun.
    If a siege is running for example Aden, you can gather your party for pvp into the current siege without need of being registered with your clan, or alone as a solo player.
    By each kill you make as solo you will receive (10 Territory war Points which you will be able to see them in the Territory wars Panel).
    If you're in party and one member of your party makes one kill all the party members will receive 10 Territory Wars Points)
    Every 5 minutes you spend into Territory war zone (Castle,Siege zone) you will receive 5 Territory War Points.
    At the end of the siege,there will be announced in which town the Territory War Npc Spawns.(Where you can exchange your points for powerful goods)
    Territory Shop:
    Epic Boss Jewels
    Boss Jewell Chest
    Eola's Blessing Scrolls
    Life Stones top 76
    More various goods.

    Clan Wars Special System
    Clan Live Status Manager
    a npc where you can check
    how many clan wars x clan kills
    a top status which will show you the live status.
    Clan:        War Killed:      total points:
    Immortals      60               120
    RedZerg        50               100

    and there will be a reward:
    TOP 1 Clan: 5000 Clan Points
    Top 2 Clan: 3500 Clan Points
    Top 3 Clan: 2000 Clan Points

    The Winners will be automatically announced every 12 Hours
    you can check Live status by npc or .livestatus

    Weekend zone
    Every weekend there will be a custom zone where you can farm Books of Giants & Life Stones
    The weekend zone Opens its Doors at Saturday 6:00 (GMT +3)
    The weekend zone Finishes Sunday 00:00 (GMT +3)

    Grand Bosses
    Valakas respawn time 48 Hours+1 Hour random respawn(2 days)
    Antharas respawn time 48 Hours+1 Hour random respawn(2 days)
    Baium respawn time 24 Hours+1 Hour random respawn(1 days)
    Frintezza respawn time 24 Hours+1 hour random respawn(1 days)
    Ant Queen respawn time 10 Hours +1 hour random respawn
    Core respawn time 10 hours +1 hour random respawn
    Orden respawn time 10 hours +1 hour random respawn

    Custom Nobless System
    Flame of Splentor Barakiel (5 hours)
    The party who last hit  Barakiel will automatically gain nobless status (no quest required)
    Or you can obtain nobless status in the Eola the Goddess by trading her 10.000 farm items.

    Custom Automate Events
    There will be automatically events every 2 hours.
    Death Match:
    All people will be transformed to dwarfs, and their name will be also changed to Eola, you can't either see clan crest or alliance crest.
    The death match will last 10 minutes with 30 random respawn's locations after death
    for every kill you do(You get 2 Event token)
    The top player on the Death match will receive 10 Event tokens
    In your right side you can see how much pvp's has the current top pvp player no names.
    Names will be announced on the event of the Death Match.

    Team Vs Team:
    Location: Giran Harbor
    Default TvT but customized for every kill you make for your team you will be rewarded with 1 Event token
    The team with the most kills in the event will receive 10 Event tokens each player.
    Time spawn after death 5 seconds.

    Capture the Flag:
    Location: Cruma Tower
    For every flag you capture and you get it back to your base you will receive 3 Event tokens
    Team reward for the winning team 10 Event tokens.

    PvP Announce  System
    First announce at 5 pvp Killing spree
    Second at 10 pvp Killing Spree
    3th at 20 pvp Killing spree
    4th at 30 pvp Killing spree
    5th at 50 pvp Killing Spree (You will get the Mark of Dominator: an accessory that will allow you to farm in Party zone or Normal zone with additional Chance of 20% more drop rate) (The mask will disappear after 5 hours).

    The PvP Zone
    Anyone can teleport in there except Bishops, Elven Elders, Shilen Elders, Dominators and Prophets.
    You're not allowed to make party with more than 1 person.
    You can kill anyone in PvP zone also clan mates, and use any skill in them no restrictions.
    The PvP Zone will be automatically changed every 1 hour in a different zone
    5 Different Zones
    The End of the zone,all players who are inside will be rewarded with a Chest Box which  will contain various goods (no jewel's)
    The top 1 PvP Player of the zone will be rewarded with 2 Boxes
    At the end of the PvP zone, the winner will be announced.
    PvP Zone has more extra special rewards!
    WEB: Lineage II Eola
    FORUM: L2Eola - Community
    FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/l2Eola/

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