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    L2gold.cc High Five x25 Open 06.12.2017.
    « on: December 04, 2017, 06:10:01 AM »

    A unique High Five project you've never seen before!
    Brought to you by L2Gold Team.


    Beta opening 4th of December

    Grand opening 6th of December

    Site L2GOLD.CC | Interlude Legendary Server x45

    Forum L2Gold - Forum


    Server Rates


    > Experience (EXP): 25x

    > Skill Points (SP): 25x

    > Adena : 10x

    > Drop Items: 10x

    > Spoil: 10x

    > Recs-Keys: 5x

    > Quest Experience (EXP): 1x

    > Quest Skill Points (SP): 1x

    > Quest Adena: 3x

    > Quest Rewards: 3x

    > Weight Limit: 5x,

    > Weight Limit: 5x

    > Extract Fish: 3x


    Scroll – Stone Rates


    > Safe Enchant: +4

    > Max. Enchant: +16

    > Normal Scroll chance: 52%

    > Blessed Scroll chance: 58%

    > Elemental Max. Level: Level 7

    > Elemental Stone chance: 50%

    > Elemental Crystal chance: 40%


    More Features


    > Weekly Olympiad

    > Weekly TW and Sieges

    ""All wards will be return to the castles, before new TW begins""


    Voice Commands


    .cfg //Opens player’s control panel

    .whoami //Information and stats for character

    .party /Party matching system

    .offline //Sets offline private store

    .repair //Repairing character located in same account

    .password //Change your password

    .buffstore //Setup buffer store

    .offlinebuff //Make Buffer store offline

    .buffshield //Protects you from unwanted buffs

    .siege //Full siege information

    .dressme //Change your visual texture appearance of armor, weapon, cloak

    .report //Report a player you think is botting

    .openatod //Open ancient tome of demon

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27909.0
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