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    L2Griffin X25
    « on: February 26, 2017, 04:44:27 PM »

    L2Griffin X25
    How to connect:
    Invalid Subject
    Hello All. I will present a new H5 L2J Server.
    Our goal is to provide the old gameplay experience and to build a strong community of mature players.
    We don't have npc's screaming in Giran town or any "Christmas" lights or logos... :))
    We don't add trees or grass on Giran town also (sorry for this... :))
    Our server has a good pvp balance system (thanks to my spanish friend)
    Server is on Beta mode until 04-03-2017 .
    Live mode will take place on the 04-03-2017 at 19:00 UTC +00:00!
    L2Griffin H5
    For any suggestions/ideas please use our  forum at L2Griffin.com/forum
    Our Rates:
    XP Rates: x25.
    SP Rate: x25
    Adena: x10
    Drop: x10
    Spoil: x10
    Safe Enchant: +4.
    Max Enchant: +16.
    Normal Scroll Chance: 60%
    Blessed Scroll Chance: 65%
    Starting Subclass Level: 40.
    Max subclass lvl: 85.
    Buff Skill Time: 2 Hours.
    Achievement System.
    Auto Learn Skills.
    Max Buffs: 28/12/14
    All High Five Skills working 100%
    Olympiad Period: 1 week.
    Siege Period: 1 week.
    Smart Community Board with buffer, Gatekeeper, Blacksmith, warehouse, Database search, Clan options, Auction House.
    More info here: l2griffin.com/info


    Castle manager
    Custom GK
    Event Manager
    Achievement Manager
    Delevel Manager
    Grand Boss info

    Main and Mini event...
    You can farm FA and Fame
    About Server:
    Champion mobs enabled
    Custom silver coins added to drop for Grand Raids.
    100 silver coins = 1 DC coin
    Griffin Coin is used for Prime Shop and buffer.
    GM shop until S grade only.
    Premium system.
    Gameguard enabled.
    We are open to any suggestions to improve our server: [email protected]
    Like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/L2Griffin/

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