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    L2GvE Faction Start After 4H 20:00 gmt+2
    « on: March 25, 2017, 08:02:07 AM »
    L2 Good Vs Evil  New Interlude Faction Server Start Tonight 20:00 GMT+2 Join Us !

    Our Good Vs Evil Server goes ALIVE TODAY 20:00 GMT+2

    How to Play : L2-Reality     Good Vs Evil     Faction25.03.2017 20:00 GMT+2​Official Open

    Welcome To Our New Faction Server [GOOD VS Evil ] , official Start on 25 March 20:00 gmt +2  JOIN Us  and be There ! :)
    There Is 2 Team: GOOD Vs EVIL
    Premium Buff [ADD]
    Premium Account: 2x Adena From PvP
    PC Bang Point System
    Clan Rep System from PvP
    2500 Kills [HERO]
    NEW Faction Basses [Guards]
    Change PvP Zone Every 1Hour
    Custom New Hats
    Color Tittle Manager

    Starting Level : 78
    Custom XP/SP System Learn From PvP
    Custom Faction Maps + Cappture The Flag
    PvP Map Change Every 1 Hour
    Hero System Weekly Heroes
    Custom Community Board [TOP /PVP/STATUS/POINTS]
    Safe Enchant: 3
    Max Enchant: 10
    Enchant Rate:
    50% Normal Scroll
    65% Blessed Scroll
    Augment System: 10% Activ/Passiv

    - There are two factions team's.
    - Adena can be earned by killing other faction members or captured flags
    - Every player can rechose his faction on faction manager
    - We have faction points system
    - Faction Points can be received in many ways too - pvp, ctf,TVT,OLY!
    - Phoenix Event Engine With 15 Events
    - Captured Flag "almost 50 + Maps"
    - Custom Reward From PvP + increase Bonus
    - Custom Java Gatekeeper With Many Map's Duration 1h /45/30 min
    - Unique Buffer With All Buffs/ pp/wc/bd/ss/ee/se
    - Balance Login For the teams
    - Round top killer Reward + HERO Aura
    - Community Board with best player + points kills death's "online /offline status"
    - Voting Map System With New Desing
    - Siage Hero System Enable
    - Hero status till death every 15 pvp kills without death.
    - PvP Enchant System
    - Custom Reward From Owned Castle
    - Killing Spre System
    - Custom Welcome Pm
    - VoTe Reward System Hopzone/Topzone
    - Spawn Protect System + Effect
    - Clan Manager For 8 LvL Clan Or Clan System from Capruted flags.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27255.0
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