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    📛 L2HellHound Network Genesis x5000 Custom PvP Server
    📛 Grand Opening Date 7 December 2018 Time 20:00 GMT+2
    🆕Custom Newbies Start : Apella Armor & Dusk Weapons +10 Enchanted
    ❗Armor : Apella/Vorpal/Dynast
    ❗Weapons : Dusk & Triumph
    ⚔️ Many PvP's, Don't Miss It
    ⚔️ Expecting 500+ Member's
    🌍 Website : Just a moment please...
    🌍 Forum : Just a moment please...
    🌐 Events : Just a moment please...
    🌐 Discord : https://discord.gg/mxH3sEx
    Server Rates:

    Xp 5000x.
    Sp 5000x.
    Adena 500x.
    Drop 1x.
    Party Xp 2x.
    Party Sp 2x.
    Starting character level 80.
    Enchant Rates:

    Safe enchant +7.
    Normal scrolls 100 % and max +7
    Blesseds scrolls 95 % and max +16
    Crystal scrolls 70 % and max +20

    Mid life stone skill change  - 5%
    High life stone skill change - 10 %
    Top life stone skill change - 20 %
    Server Features:

     Main town - Giran
    Automatic-Manual Potions.
    Working 3 castle sieges. (Giran-Aden-Goddard)
    Stackable scrolls,lifestones, book of giants.
    More than 11 active raid bosses.
    Wedding System.
    Unique Farm areas.
    Npc skill enchanter.
    Full npc buffer with auto buff.
    Max count of buffs - 50
    Max subclasses - 4
    Free and no quest class change.
    Free and no quest subclass.
    Raid boss that gives full pt nobless status
    No weight limit.
    Unique protection anti-heavy armor for archers/daggers etc.
    Ingame password change.
    Top pvp/pk ranks NPC.
    Unique monsters & NPC.
    Interlude retail skills.
    Server up-time 24/7 99%.
    Perfect class balance (all class can kill all class depending on players skill and setup knowledge,gear,augmentations).
    Announcements on double kills triple kills etc.
    Announcements on Grand Boss death , with the name of the killer as well as clan name of the player.
    Information Npc in game with all servers informations.
    Custom server gear :

    Dynasty Armor
    Titanium Armor
    Dusk Weapon
    Custom Fighter/Mage tattoo
    Custom wings
    Custom mask
    and more
    Server Commands :

    .tvtjoin .tvtleave - Join or leave tvt event.
    .ctfjoin .ctfleave - Join or leave ctf event.
    .dmjoin .dmleave - Join or leave dm event.
    .online - current online players count.
    .repair - repairs stuck character in world.
    .menu - opens online menu panel.
    .exit - PvP zone exit in case you are bullied.
    .auto - Enable/disable auto potions.
    .changepassword - Opens online menu then u can change ur password in game.
    Event System :

    TvT Event.
    CTF Event.
    DM Event.
    Unique Event Shop.
    Olympiad Game :

    Retail olympiad game.
    Competition period [1] week.
    Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00] GMT +2.
    Olympiad no custom , +6 gear.
    New Heroes every Sunday.
    Grand Opening 7/12/2018 20:00 GMT +2

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=28799.0
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