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    L2Idle, Botting HARDCORE 3/3/2019
    « on: February 21, 2019, 05:38:26 PM »

    Lineage 2 Idle is the home of botting. We allow botting and promote it. We've grown an awesome community since 2017 and want to continue offering a server where you are able to play any way you prefer. Check out our forums regardless because we have some useful content. Nostalgia at its best! Join today and become an Idler!

    Rates Overview:

    EXP/SP - 0.25

    Adena - 0.25

    Drop/Spoil: x1 base, but read below.

    Drops and Spoils Changes:

    Farming has been highly modified for HARDCORE:

    Item Drop Changes:

        Monsters that dropped any S80+ full drops, now only drop the recipe in place.
        Monsters that dropped any Vorpal full drops, now do not. Olympiad is the only way to obtain Vorpal.
        Enchant Scrolls cannot be dropped or spoiled, except from raidbosses.
        Mastery Codex cannot be dropped or spoiled, except from raidbosses.
        Only herbs dropping are HP/MP recover.

    Crafting Changes:

        Any recipe under S80 remains 'retail'.
        All S80+ recipe require 500% more crafting ingredients.

    Enchantment Information:

    Element Stones have a 50% success rate.

    Element Crystals have a 30% success rate.

    Weapons +4 ~+10=60% / +10~+16=50% / Armors +4~+10=65% / +10~+16=55%


    Vitality will be a luxury on HARDCORE, so make good use of it. Below are ways to obtain vitality

    - Vitality only gives a flat bonus of 150% for all levels 1-4.

    - Belonging to a clan who owns a clan hall.

    - Birthday Cakes, by voting or donation.

    - Retail Method - Hunting Bonus

    Castle and Fort Sieges:

    All castles will be siegable, but 3 castles will reap major benefits.

    *Aden: Exchange Vorpal, Fire/Water Crystals. Circlet of Aden: +2%PvP Dmg, +5% Stun Resist

    *Giran: Exchange Vorpal, Exchange Earth/Wind Crystals. Circlet of Giran: +2% PvP Dmg, +5% Paralyze Resist

    *Goddard: Exchange Vorpal, Exchange Holy/Dark Crystals. Circlet of Goddard:  2% PvP Dmg, +5% Root Resist.

    -Lord's Crown(All Castles): +5% PvP Damage +5%HP/CP/MP

    - Wyverns are not allowed in sieges.

    *Territory War, noblesse requires 250 Territory War badges.

    *Territory War, wards are sent to their respective castle each war.

    Clan Halls:

    Ancient Adena is now used to acquire a clan hall.

    The 'support magic' function has been upgraded with 3rd class buffs.

    All clan halls have vitality buff(member must have a rank of 1-5 AND clan hall 'use functions' privilege.)

    All clan halls have the options of unsealing up to S-grade gear.

    (More features announced later)

    Clan Reputation Adjustments:

    Kill/Death by war: 5/-5 points.

    Capture Fortress: 2000 / Lose Fortress: 500

    Capture Castle: 9000 / Lose Castle: 3000

    Defended Castle: 2500

    Clan Gained Hero: 1000

    Vote Rewards:

    -Passive skill which gives +10% PvE damage for 4 hours.

    -Hats Accessories

    More soon..

    Premium Account Bonus's:

    Global chat command enabled.(-) with no delay cooldown.

    - Town teleport commands enabled (.giran etc)

    - Increased Spam is not allowed stone drop rate

    +Planning a premium shop in the future with more daily rewards.

    Useful Commands:

    .ccp - Character Control Panel with a lot of useful options.

    .changeexp - Direct command for EXP on/off.

    .premium - Give detailed information about premium.

    .hellbound - Check level and trust status of hellbound.

    .getreward - Type only after voting on all banners from our website homepage.

    .repair - Resets a lot of setting incase of "stuck".

    Town Instant Teleport(premium required): .giran/.hunters/.dion/.aden/.goddard/.gludio/.rune/.heine/.schuttgart/.oren/.gludin

    Character Information:

    -Subclasses: Max 3 subs, max level 80, quest required.

    -Noblesse quest is required, or through territory wars or donation.

    -Autoloot is on, except herbs and raid drops.

    -Dual Box Limit, 10 characters.

    -Drop ownership is calculated by most damage.

    -Buy/Sell slots increased to 15, weight limit is x10 and inventory slots is 200.

    -Max run speed(250), Max Physical Crit Rate(500), Max Magic Crit Rate(200), Max Attack Speed(1500), Max Casting Speed(1999), Max Evasion(275)

    Class Changing:

    1st and 2nd class can be done free with class manager/popup.

    3rd class quest will be required, also the quest has been modified requiring more work but also more reward.

    Raid Bosses:

    -Non-epic raid bosses have 50% more defense.

    -Non-epic raid bosses have 50% increased drop item chance of retail.

    -All raid bosses have chance to drop enchant scrolls corresponding to their level(ex. lvl. 52 raid will drop B enchants).

    -Raid spawns are announced to make more interesting.

    -Queen Ant is the only epic who is boosted, with defense and HP.

    Epic Raid Levels: Queen Ant(40), Orfen(50), Core(50), Zaken(60/83), Baium(80), Antharas(85), Valakas(85), Frintezza(85)

    Olympiad Information:

    -Heroes are selected monthly, 1st of every month.

    -You can target any player and use .olympiadstat to see their stats.

    -A maximum of 70 matches can be fought per week, although each category has a weekly limit as well. Class Specific: 30, Class Irrelevant: 60, Team Matches: 10.

    -A minimum of 15 matches are required to quality for hero and of course being ranked first on validation day.

    -No limit on gear/enchants in Olympiad, use what you earn. Also skill certifications are in effect during matches.

    -S84 item prices increased.

    -On validation, 1 olympiad point = 1,000 olympiad tokens, for those who don't know.

    -Characters will have random names and appearances during matches. Also, IP restrictions are active.

    Other information to know about:

    -Character must be level 40+ to use Global(!), if you're premium you can shout freely with (-).

    -Leaderboard rewards and displaying statue of winner in towns, updated daily.

    -Clan leader transfers are instant, also leaving a clan gives no penalty.

    -Clan warehouse items can be withdrawn by any clan members with 'warehouse search' privilege.

    -Karma is not an easy situation to get out of, take care when choosing to PK.

    -Hero and PvP weapons can be augmented.

    -Every 4 hours, top arena kills/fishermen/crafters are rewarded.

    -Separated Soul's cannot be used if flagged or you have karma.

    -Any items sold to NPC shops give 0 adena.

    Merchant/Shop Changes:

    Merchant of Mammon all items but dyes cost increased.

    Blacksmith of Mammon unsealed S-Grade+ cost increased.

    PvP upgrade price increased.

    Recipe Merchants have been removed.

    Blacksmiths no longer aid your material crafting, you need a dwarf.

    Kirklan, in addition to normal ingredients, adena was added.

    Karuda, cursed burial items required increased 300% for recipes, 500% for others.

    Cheiren, amulets required increased by 300% for recipes, 500% for materials.

    Dinn, dinosaur tissues required increased 300%.

    Sobling, knowledge chapters required increased 300% for recipes, 500% for others.

    Hude, pages required increased 300%, contracts not increased.

    Karakawei, bones required increased 300%.

    Filaur, Mineral Fragments required increased 500%.


    Unavailable at start until further notice, reworking.

    Quest Changes:

    *All repeatable quests that reward adena have been nerfed.

    *Removed quest requirements to challenge Freya.

    *Legendary Tales: Vesper Weapons are replaced with Dynasty.
    *Threat Removal: Now requires 1500 Sel Mahum ID's, rewards a random element crystal, enchants removed.
    *Completely Lost: Vesper is replaced with Moirai.

    *Don't Know Don't Care: Vorpal is replaced with Vesper gear.

    *Reed Field Maintenance: Hides drop chance lowered.

    *Figuring it Out!: Tanta Blood required increased.

    *An Ice Merchants Dream: Silver Ice Crystals for materials increased.

    *Black Swan trade list for Bills increased.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=28966.0

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