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    [L2j ACIS -Interlude] Lineage II B-Play
    « on: January 31, 2016, 12:48:18 PM »

    Are you tired of all the same servers? Playing 5 minutes and then staying one week afk to gather some "Vote Stones" in order to enchant anything at max? Well our server is not like that! We have an awesome economy system witch is allowing you to farm and kill opponents at same time! The main action is located in our farm zones not only in the boring PI! We have allot of interesting features, events and much much more. Create your character and defeat all your enemies! Join the mighty battles today!

    * Exp/SP: 5000x (Instant level 80)
    * Party: 2x
    * Drop/Spoil: 1x
    * Adena: 1000x
    * Raid Drop: 5x


    You are allowed to have only one augment skill! This is in order to keep the good balance between classes. The augmentation chance is:
    * No Grade Life Stone (Skill): 3%
    * Mid Grade Life Stone (Skill): 8%
    * High Grade Life Stone (Skill): 12%
    * Top Grade Life Stone (Skill): 17%
    * Base Stat Chance: 5%

    * Ivania Newbie Manager - Ivania will help you with your basic character setup.
    * Teodor Magic Support - Teodor is basic buffer, he has all the needed buffs for you.
    * Anna World Travel - Anna is gatekeeper, she can take you to all towns and custom zones that we have.
    * Christian Weapon Trader - Christian is weapon trader, he is selling weapons at good price.
    * Christie Armor Trader - Christie is going to equip you with the best armors for your character.
    * Jane Grocery Store - Jane is selling all the needed groceries, scrolls and luxury stuff that you need.
    * Gustin Combat Manger - Gustin is the keeper of our PvP Zone, he also sells goodies for Combat Points.
    * Priest George Raid Manager - Priest George is the Raid Manager, he can teleport you to our Bosses.
    * Denkus Donation Manager - Denkus can give you awesome donation rewards.
    * Wendy Event Store - Wendy is our server's Event Store, she will sell you awesome items for your Medals.
    * Damien Clan Store - Damien can sell you all you need for your clan's development.
    * Talien Noble Manager - Talien will help you to become noble. It is not easy task!

    Our server economy is based on Adena and Golden Coins. We have 1 safe zone where you can farm safety both Adena and Golden Coins. And 2 combat zones with 3 spawn points for each zone and increased drops of Adena and Golden Coins.

    Capturable Zones

    In each combat zone is located a Flag. When you find the flag you can click on it and a window will appear. By pressing on the button you are starting to capture the zone. Only a clan leader with clan level greater then 3 can start capturing the zone. Your functions will be disabled for 3 minutes untill capturing process finishes but be warned you can take damage! When the capturing process finishes your clan is owning the zone and all clan members will have 2x drops inside the zone you own!

    Custom Underground Coliseium

    You can visit Gustin the Combat Manager in Giran he is going to show you our PvP Zone with awesome features. While you are killing players inside you will earn 2x Combat Points witch you can exchange for cool rewards. We have custom songs inside the zone so we advise you to turn your in-game songs on. If you want to leave the zone just type /leave Support classes are not allowed to enter there.

    Combat Colors System

    Basically this is the well known PvP Color system but our server is counting the total kills (PvP+Pk) and only the character title gets colored for certain amount of kills.


    Our server have allot of automized events. Events are scheduled every hour. We also have few mini events but you can learn more about them in-game.

    PvP Reward & Assists

    We have PvP Reward system that is rewarding each player with Combat Points for every PvP that he wins. Pk's are not rewarded! Also we have assisting system that is helping our support classes to earn Combat Points while they are assisting in PvP's. If a support class is in party he will have a 30% chance to earn Combat Points for each kill that his party makes.

    Vote Rewards

    Our server have 2 types of vote rewards. We have a global vote reward with is giving all online players reward for each 15 votes for our servers (Hopzone+Topzone+L2Network). And also a individual vote reward, just vote from the website and type /getreward in-game to receive your individual reward.


    * Working community board with allot features
    * Buff Slots: 32 + 4 (Divine Inspiration)
    * Auto Noblesse
    * Subclass level: 80
    * PvP is allowed in town for siege participants.
    * Karma dropping rules are retail like!
    * Armor restrictions.
    * Sieges every Saturday and Sunday at 18:00 GMT +2
    * The olympiad system is retail-like (Starts: 18:00 Ends: 00:00 server time) the cycle is 1 week.
    * Automatic Banking when you reach 2.1 Bilion Adena
    * In-game anti bot system with random count of killed monsters!
    * Anti Feed Manager is not alloing feed from pvp/pk/event/olympiad.
    * Cancel Buff skills will return your cancelled skills after 15 seconds.
    * Combat Heal - On each 6 kills in row your HP/CP/MP will be restored at max!

    User Commands

    /getreward - Individual vote reward.
    /targetinfo - Shows options about viewing your target info like Inventory/Skills/Stats
    /deposit - Changes 500.000.000 Adena into one Sack With Money
    /withdraw - Changes one Sack With Money to 500.000.000 Adena
    /leave - Leaves from Underground Coliseium.
    /me - Opens individual menu with settings for your character.
    /report - Opening bug/player report window.

    Website: www.b-play.eu

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25297.0
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      Re: [L2j ACIS -Interlude] Lineage II B-Play
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