Author Topic: [L2J-C6] L2-Spirit Custum PvP server START TODAY 18:00 GMT+3  (Read 1026 times)

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    Hello, We have good news for you! Server has been sold, that means new administration! We made a lot of updates, that's why we decided to make server wipe. Server will be much better than it was. We expecting about 300+ online players! We changed gameplay style little bit, now will be much more olympiad battles, much more clan's PvP, much more mass random PvP, Everyday 2-3 GM Events. Invite your friends, create clans, don't miss the chance to become the strongest!

    Starting Date: 2015/05/31 18:00 [GMT+3]

    EXP 9999x
    SP 9999x
    ADEN 9999x
    DROP 1x
    Starting/Subclass level - 80

    Enchant Rates:
    Safe +5
    Max +40
    Simple Scrolls 85%
    Blessed Scrolls 95%
    Enchant level +5

    Main Info:
    No Grade and Weight penalty
    Anti heavy
    Offline shop system
    Rebirth system
    Sieges every week with special skill reward
    Unique Economy System
    Stable Platform
    Balanced Buffs/Skills/Classes
    Full interlude geodata / pathnode

    Custom Items:
    Ertheia armors
    Moirai armors
    Ferrum armors
    Spirit weapons
    GM Tattoo
    White mask
    Epic wings
    Kamael wings

    Augment chance 8%
    Max 1 Active + 1 Passive
    Removed chance and magic skills


    Retail olympiad game
    Competition period [1] week
    Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00]

    Vote reward:
    In-game working vote reward system. After server start you can vote for server and automacilly be rewarded. So get ready for server start and for voting !


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/l2-adzone/10/l2j-c6-l2-spirit-custum-pvp-server-start-today-1800-gmtplus3/23655/

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