Author Topic: [L2J-C6] L2Remorse PvP server START TODAY 21:00 GMT+2  (Read 1369 times)

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    Lineage II Remorse CUSTOM PVP SERVER

    •Experience: x5000
    •Spexperience: x5000
    •Party Experience: x5000
    •Party Spexperience: x5000
    •Adena: x5000
    •Drop Item Karma: x1

    •Safe 4 Max 16 Normall :70%
    •Safe 4 Max 16 Blessed: 90%
    •Safe 4 Max 20 Crystall: 50%

    •Version:Interlude Custom-PVP
    •Farm system Easy to medium
    •NPC Buffer (3H Buffs) & (Unlimited slots)
    •Captcha Anti Farm System
    •Anti Heavy System

    Mass Vote Reward System For every 5 Votes
    Voting Npc Manager which allows you to vote every 12 hour for an ammount of vote items

    •L2Remorse Armor (Intact Armor)
    •L2Remorse Weapons (Hero Weapons)
    •L2Remorse Shield (Intact Shield)
    •L2Remorse Mask (Intact Mask)

    More than 8 Raid Bosses
    Retail Like Bosses
    Custom Bosses
    Clan Boss

    •Casino Club
    •Gm shop
    •Custom Shop
    •Farm Protector
    •Vote Shop
    •Vote Manager
    •GrandBoss Status
    •Clan Manager
    •Enchanter Skill
    •Siege Manager

    Team Vs Team
    Capture The Flag
    Treasure Chest

    •Cave of Trials
    •Primeval Isle

    Peace Zones:

    •Gludin Village
    • Custom PvP Zone with auto nobless/flag/reward/respawn!

    Olympiad System:

    • Olympiad Work: 100%
    • Retail Like

    •Lineage II Remorse (WEBSITE) WWW.L2REMORSE.COM

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=23656.0

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