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    Starting Level:80/Maximum Level: 80 Exp After Level 82: x25
    Safe Enchant:8 /Maximum Enchant:20
    Enchant Rates: Normal Scrolls :75% /Blessed Scrolls 90%/Crystal Scrolls:85%
    Augment Rates: Top Grade Life Stone:20%/High Grade:15%/Mid Grade:10%
    Maximum Subclasses Per Player: 3
    Noblesse System: Purchase Caradine's Letter from the M.Trader
    Hero Evaluation System Every Week
    Olympiad Starts Daily at 18:00 GMT +2 and ends at 00:00
    Olympiad Games Are Joinable only with non-custom items
    All Castles And Clan Halls Are Siegeable
    PvP Name Color System : 150/250/500/1000/5000
    Pk Title Color System : 50/150/500/1000/5000
    PvP Skills System : Enabled
    PvP Zones: Gludin(Works like an Arena)/Orc Village
    Farm Zones:Giant's Cave: PvP-Pk Farm// Giran Harbor: Safe Newbie Zone
    Killing Spree System: Enabled(At 30 PvP you gain Hero Aura)
    Every Class Learns Unique Skills After Level 80
    There are New Powerfull Hero Skills that will amaze you
    Available Commands: .help/.changepass/.pvpstatus/.online
    Use Shift+left mouse click on Npcs To View Their Stats and Drops
    Unique Relic Weapon's Instance with 24h Delay
    Custom Events: TvT and CTF fully working with antibot installed
    L2 Tower and other harmless bot programms are available
    Seven Unique Bosses with high drops are waiting for you
    Hero Coin: Player Becomes Hero For One Day
    Dynasty Armor and Unique Weapon(Easy Farm)
    Rykros Armor (Medium Farm)
    Relic Weapons Are Obtained Only From Aden's Instance(Hard Farm)
    Forgotten Skills : Fighter's/Mage's/Archer's Will(Hard Farm)
    Custom Raid Boss Jewels (Antharas' Tremor, etc.)
    Two Unique Tattoos
    Scheme Buffer
    Global Gatekeeper
    Clan Manager
    Item Shop
    Information Npc
    Newbie Merchant
    Mysterious Merchant
    Instance Teleporter

    Website: http://www.l2ambrosial.com/

    You guys are warm welcomed, ;)

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