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    [L2J-C6]L2Black Custom PvP
    « on: August 27, 2015, 10:00:00 AM »
    Dear community people,

    I'm glad to introduce you the new interlude pvp server with custom modifications, named L2Black.
    L2Black is not connected with all the other pvp servers, but it is spliting on eras. Let me explain it for you, now we are launching the first era which means:
    We have only the necceserry items for a player to start playing, we have only one pvp-farm zone and we are providing free teleport around the world.
    The first era will end in the next 20 days and the second era with be come.
    In the second era we are going to add another custom pvp-farm zone, new items, new npc etc.
    As you understund, every era will be special for our server, providing to our players some new thinks.
    The total eras will be 5, from 20 days each.
    At the end of an era the top pvp/pk players winning the round and get a +35 weapon of their choice.
    At the end of all eras the first five pvp/pk players winning the final round and get a +50 weapon of their choice and a custom weapon +20 of their choise.
    Every era will be a mistery ;)
    RateXp: x1000

    RateSp: x1000

    Party Rate Xp: x800

    Party Rate Sp: x800

    Rate Drop Spoil: x2

    Rate drop adena: x1000

    Join us today, bring your friends here and play the most exciting server!
    Please support us by playing in our server!

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=24294.0
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