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    [L2J-C6]Lineage UnReaL
    « on: June 19, 2015, 11:47:17 PM »

    New Server
    Xp: x30
    Sp: x30
    Adena: x30
    Quest: x10
    quest Reward: x4 (no todos)
    GrandBoss: x1
    :::::::::: Mods - Events::::::::::
    OffLine Trade
    Champions Mobs
    Vote reward
    Capture Flag
    Team vs Team
    Death Match
    Town War
    Relic Frameng Statue
    Statu Relic= 4% recipe S Grade Armor
    Not allowed Box= Coint Event, Adena and more
    Alphabet Box= Event coin or Adena
    :::::::::: NPC's::::::::::
    Shop B Grande with other miscs
    Trade Spam is not allowed Stone = AA
    BlackSmith Merchant
    Buffs Basic + some 3th Class skill buff
    Global Gatekeeper All Towns and 7Sings
    Event Npc Trade Coin
    Donate Npc Trade Coin
    :::::::::::: Buffs:::::::::::
    24 Slot
    Divine Inspiration + 4Slot
    Time Buff 1 Hours
    Skill Pets 10 Minutes
    Skill Hot Spring 30 Minute
    ::::::: Working :::::::
    Skill Formula
    Skill Type
    Skill Action
    Quest Rewards
    Quest Fixed
    Quest Rate
    Instance Fixed
    GeoData in progress
    Pathnode in Progress
    :::::::::::: Quest Class ::::::::::
    1th Class 85.000 Adena
    2dh Class 349.000 Adena
    3dh Class 5.450.000 Adena
    SubClass Free
    Quest Nobless buy and quest
    :::::::::: Add Item ::::::::
    Items For events and Quest news
    Silver Unicorn Quest
    Frameng Status events
    Not allowed Mobs Event
    Not allowed Box-Alphabet Box-Statue
    Recommend Full Item
    Nobless Item Stat
    Item Buff
    :::::::::: Olypiands :::::::::
    being 1 month before open server
    Only Item A Grade

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