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    [L2J] Eternal Sin - Rebirth
    « on: January 22, 2016, 10:24:05 AM »

    Server Information:

    Main concept of game is (Hard Farm, Dynamic PvP, Hard Enchant System, 95% Retail configurations)
    Server rates - Exp: x45 , Sp: x55, Adena: x200, Spoil: x20 , Spam is not allowed Stones: x7
    Server currency: Adena, Ancient Adena, Festival Adena, Coin of Luck.
    Farm Drop: Festival Adena, S Grade Weapon / Armor / Jewelery - Sealed.
    Special Items: Retail S Grade Weapon + Ancient option / Armor + SA Option , Jewelery + Ancient option.
    Donate System: Donate Shop avaliable only on weekends.
    Quests System: All quests are works 99,9%.
    Subclass System: With quest also part of items in Game Shop for some cash.
    Noblesse System: With Quest also part of items in Game Shop for some cash.

    *Farm Zones*

    Garden of Eva Beach - Festival Adena.
    Hot Springs - Festival Adena.
    Mithril Mines - Spam is not allowed Stones.
    Imperial Tomb - S Grade rooms.
    Imperial Tomb - Chaotic Zone.
    *Start Features*
    Starting level - 1 level.
    Starting Adena - 10,000,000
    Starting Items - Full No Grade.
    Default Starting Zone.

    *Enchant System*
    Safe Enchant Max / Full: +3
    Max Weapon Enchant: +16
    Max Armor Enchant: +10
    *Augmentation System*
    Augmentation NG Chance: 15%
    Augmentation Mid Chance:  30%
    Augmentation High Chance: 45%
    Augmentation Top Chance: 60%
    *Buff System*
    Max buff slot: 26
    NPC Buffer until CBT / OBT ends then only AIO Buffer will come to rule.
    Re-Buff System (Costs 10,000 Ancient Adena)

    *Raid Boss System*
    L2OFF Retail

    *Server Status*
    Server is under construction stage.
    Test Server is online 24/7
    All player requests for testing server with us are accepting via our forum.
    We're accepting all new ideas.
    *Server website*


    OBT Starts 31.01.2016

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25231.0