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    [L2J - GoD] Lineage 2 Vengeance X20 - Lindvior
    « on: May 30, 2015, 04:19:53 AM »


    Lineage 2 Vengeance is a new mid rate GoD Lindvior server.
    Our community is very friendly and grows day by day. We have active staff and no donations at all!
    Currently we are running Lindvior server but in near future we will upgrade it to Ertheia.
    Join us now and enjoy a mid rate GoD server as well as the events.


    - Experience Rate: 20x
    - SP Rate: 20x
    - Drop Rate: 5x
    - Quests Rate: 5x
    - Party Bonus Rates: 5x
    - Safe Enchant: +4
    - Max Enchant: +20

    - Retail Gatekeepers.
    - Info & Commands.
    - Retail Class stats, All skills implemented and working as Retail Lindvior, Auto-Learning Skills also enabled.
    - PvP Rewards System & PvP Events like TvT,CTF,KoTH & Last Hero.
    - Clan System 90% implemented and working as Retail Lindvior. Only Clan Moderators left to do.
    - 1 Day Clan/Alliance Penalties for leaving/dissolving/disbanding a clan or alliance.
    - Sieges fully functional with Light/Dark Features. Clan Managers are also like Retail including their functions and sellable items,PvP Talismans and so on.
    - Retail Weapons/Armors/Jewels Augments with pretty decent rates.
    - Retail Buff timers and buff stacking protection( meaning 3rd/old class buffs cannot overwrite the 4th class ones).
    - Retail Awakening System including quests/movies and NPCs. Also awakening can be done without the quest.
    - Retail Olympiad System with Anti-Feed/Multiple Clients/Windows Protection.
    - Chaos Ceremony/Festival. The feature is implemented but will be released at a later date since it still needs some tweaking.
    - Clan Halls and Conquerable Clan Halls with Raid Bosses & Rewards. Up to 5 Clans can compete.
    - Retail Talismans of Power with upgrades like Kaliel's Energy.
    - PvP/PvE Weapons/Armors Enhancements through  Dark/Bloody Stones.
    - Random Mammon Spawns in different towns.
    - Zone/Dynamic/Daily Quests/Campains implemented and fully functional like Orbis,Seed of Hellfire and so on.
    - Mentoring System fully functional like Retail with 1 Day Penalty for Mentor/Mentee.
    - Instances like you've never seen before on any private server except retail:
    Grand Bosses: Ant Queen, Orfen, Core, Zaken, Antharas, Valakas, Tauti, Istina, Octavis, Trasken
    Raid Bosses: Teredor, Spezion, Fortuna, Altar of Shilen, Crystal Caverns, Baylor, Balok.
    (these are only a few. also Zone Raid Bosses included)
    - Gainak Peace/War Cycle System with mobs from where you can farm PvP Enhancment Stones for your gear.
    - Sub-Classes with Certifications for Sub/Dual Extra Pasive Skills.
    - Multi-Box Protection,Anti-Bot Protection,Anti-Feed Protection

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/l2-adzone/10/l2j-god-lineage-2-vengeance-x20-lindvior/23646/

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