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    [L2J H5] Averia x10
    « on: October 08, 2015, 11:23:49 AM »
    We have developed quite good & intresting systems in past, that should make new x10 server more dynamical and PvP concentrated gameplay, meanwhile we keep the originality of spoiling & crafting, for our PvE players. Players who are playing Averia for the first time, we shall make a small preview about new pets, each player will have a pet at the beginning of their journey:

    We have launched a powerful PvP-tournament, that has more than 4000 Euro in total prize pool and of course we will spend a nice budget on advertisement for our Averia x10 server, we are inviting famous streamers, massive clans! We have powerful server machines, fully working source, special team that works with technical support and of course a huge advertisement plans! This time we did not negotiate with RU clans, but also with some famous European clans (there will be Polish, Greeks & Spanish clans).

    Right now we are focused on our Tournament, once it's finished we will make a huge changes in global olympiad games, we're planning to create better Geodata & game machanics, somewhere in middle of October 2015, right before the Grand Olympiad matches will begin on x10 server.

    General Rates:
    Exp: x10
    SP: x10
    Adena: x7
    Drop: Chance x3; ammount х1
    Spoil: Chance x1; ammount х3
    Manor: x2
    Quest Reward: x2
    Quest Items: x2
    Epaulettes: x3
    RaidBoss: х2

    more info at http://forum.averia.ws/threads/averia-ws-x10-launches-on-9th-october-2015.116616/

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=24555.0

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