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Dwarven Manufacture *Open Beta*
Two Low Rate servers - Multi Skill and Class Based

Our main objective is to create a casual and long term adventure where mature players will enjoy steady and rewarding game play. Low rate settings will ensure that each victory, level or crafted item will feel like a real achievement! Therefore, better be prepared for some grinding, dying, pain and suffering because no body will hold your hand and there will definitely be some blood and tears!

If that didn’t scare you off then you’re in the right place! We’re currently hosting two servers. Blood and Tears which is based on a standard class orientated game play and Fire and Steel, a Multi Skill type of server where players can learn skills from all classes.

// Dwarven Manufacture is all about \\

Steady Game Play // No Spoon Feeding // Mature Player Base // Increased Difficulty // Vibrant Community

// Basic rates shared by both servers:

// XP / SP : x1 / 1.25 + Bonuses
// Drop / Spoil : x3 / x3
// Adena Drop: x2
// Party XP Boost: +25%
// Buff Duration: 1 h
// Max Buffs / Dances / Songs: 24 / 12 / 12
// Safe Enchant:  +3 / +4
// Max Enchant: +30
// Custom Enchant Scrolls
// Herbs: Disabled
// No Dual Box Allowed

Extra Info:

// Event Engine with main and on-demand events
// Vote rewards with bonuses to XP, SP, Adena drop etc
// Non Pay-to-win Donations via Premium Shop
// Rich Community Board
// In-Game Drop Database
// Delevel Manager, Castle Informer and Noble Manager
// Auction House
// Two Achievement Engines with bonus XP,SP reward
// Museum Engine with player ranking with rewards
// No Custom Gatekeeper
// No Shadow or Common items
// Harder and deadlier mobs, Champions and Raid Bosses
// Friends Panel
// Shop Search Feature
// Clan Information Board

Since we're in BETA we constantly add and modify things. Please bear this in mind before joining. We would love to hear from you, please visit our forum to comment on things and make suggestions. Players who actively participate in beta and make valid reports will be rewarded when we go live.


Dragon Claw Weapons have already been implemented and will be available only via our Dress Me Engine.
We'll gradually add other GOD weapons and armors.


Visit us at:


Our advanced Community based website will allow you to:

Register and create custom Player profile.
Form a Clan and create a custom page with recruitment info, comments etc.
Website based shop simplifies the process of Donating. The process is fully automated.

This is a small, one man, project and will be maintained as such. We have a project developer who will fix any bugs and the server machine is more than capable to handle high population… not that there will be that many crazy people willing to play here! Please visit the Server Rules section to avoid any unpleasant surprises and contribute to become a part of the team.

// Dwarven Manufacture - Become Dwarf you've always wanted to be! \\

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