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I'm glad to announce this fantastic Server based on several years of experience, investigation and development in private and hosted in SPAIN. L2Thargelion NOT's BETA PHASE Server. For all that, here you will have guaranteed fun to all Players that join and of course, the correct Administration of Server and Game that you are looking for since too much time.
All races and professions in-game are needed... don't miss it!.

On the other hand...
Question: Are you looking for a FREE Private Server?. Answer: YES, of course.
Question: Are you looking for a FREE TO PLAY and enjoyable Server?. Answer: YES, I'm looking for this type of server, yes.
Question: Are you looking for a Server where Administrators only want money?. Answer: NO, I don't waste time on such Servers.
Question: Are you looking for a Server where Administrator don't be a 15 years old kid wanting to make money?. Answer: YES, that's totally true.

My Friend, you're wasting your time playing populated beta servers, Administrators or GM's who do not care about anything, only to receive money and put messages in advertising sites to grab the attention of the public, and FREE servers and better made remain, in the background where nobody looks ... Go! ... comes now in L2Thargelion and you'll see as "gold is not all that glitters".

L2Thargelion is your Server High Five, my friend, prevents be fooled !!!. You decide what you do...


Join Us Now!

Website: http://l2thargelion.es

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/l2-adzone/10/l2j-h5lineage-2-thargelion-high-x12/23521/

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