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    [L2J-H5]Lineage 2 Vile x30
    « on: November 15, 2015, 09:32:01 PM »

    Hello, Vile is a new server coming soon! We estimate too launch end of November/early December! We are here for the long run and hope to see many new faces on our in world very soon.

    • 30x XP
    • 35x SP
    • 10x Adena
    • 3x Spoils, 1x Drops(certain items will be custom x3 drops, list soon)
    • 66% enchant rates(75% on weekend event)
    • +3 safe enchant
    • Boosted element success, stones 70%, crystals 60%.
    Quick Overview:
    • Permanent Vitality
    • Subclass quest NOT needed (5 max subclasses)
    • Random "Vile" monsters spawned around world, stronger with great exp/drop rewards. mobs are non-aggressive, optional to provoke.
    • D/C/B grade equipment can be found in Giran Equipment shop.
    • Mana potion(Overtime) and Mana potion(Elixer style)
    • Donations: closed until 2 weeks after launch.
    • Double adena rate event every weekend(from 10x to 20x)
    • Enchant rate event every weekend from 66% to 75%.
    • Normal buffs are 20 minutes like retail.
    • Buffs 24(+4) Slots, Dance/Song 12 Slots
    • Dances & Songs have been boosted to 5 minutes, buffer classes will not be useless on Vile.
    • Dances & Songs do not consume extra MP per dance/song.
    • We offer a basic buffer NPC only, we recommend making some friends and joining clans to take advantage of what lineage 2 has to offer.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=24869.0

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