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    L2 Order VS Chaos Grand Opening announced!
    The Grand Opening will take place Saturday, Aug 15th 17:00 GMT +3.

    The gameplay is based on a routine of events which will run constantly, each event has its own goals.
    * Maps - The longest events with biggest kinds of goals to accomplish, maps will end faster if their goal is achieved, a raid boss will spawn 5 minutes before the map ends.
    * Faction Events - runs for the winning team of a map (in case a map ended in a tie, this type of event is skipped), if they complete it they get extra rewards.
    * Mini Events - Starts once the faction event is over, this is a short type event with only with funny objectives, registration to event is required.
    * Grand Bosses - In peak times, there is a chance that a grand boss event will start for all players after a mini event ends.

    :: Spoilers act as theifs.
    :: Services NPC.
    :: Team balancing system.
    :: Anti AFK protection.
    :: Anti farm protection.
    :: Balanced classes and gameplay.
    :: Events voting system.
    :: Rebirth system.
    :: Anti buff skill.
    :: Free mailbox.
    :: Starting level 80.
    :: Max level 85 (Also for subs).
    :: Free 3rd class change.
    :: Free subclass.
    :: /unstuck 30 seconds.
    :: 10 seconds spawn protection.
    :: No death penalties.
    :: Increased weight/inventory slots/store slots.
    :: Auto learn skills (excluding divine insipration, symbols and FS skills).
    :: Auto loot.
    :: Olympiad time left until period ends announce on login.
    :: Announcements upon raidbosses/grandbosses death.
    :: Trade chat is faction chat.
    :: Shout chat is region chat and will show player's faction.
    :: Hero chat is global chat and will sow player's faction.
    :: Mana potions 5 seconds reuse - 200 MP recovery.
    :: Dueling enabled.
    :: Armor expertise penalty.
    :: Titles system - better titles when making progress ingame.
    :: Killing spree system.
    :: Clan wars enabled - can declare a war againts clans of enemy faction.
    :: All items tradeable except hero items and some other exceptions.
    :: Some classes get PvP points by exping (for example: healers).
    :: Vitality enabled and changed to fit PvP.
    :: Achievements system.
    :: Personal vote system.
    :: Offline shops enabled and restore after server restarts.
    :: Dedicated store zone.

    :: AIO scheme buffer NPC with 7 premade schemes on char creation.
    :: Retail-like buff slots amount.
    :: 4 Hours bufftime.
    :: Cubics casted on self stay after death.
    :: Buffs kept when dying.
    :: Canceled buffs that are given by NPC buffer returns after 7 seconds.
    :: Summons keep their buffs upon resummoning.

    Enchants & Augment & Elements
    :: Retail rates.
    :: Safe +3 (+4 for full armor).
    :: Max +16.
    :: Elementing weapons is limited to 4.
    :: Everything can be augmented/elemented/enchanted.

    :: Start everyday at 18:00 GMT +2 until 22:00 GMT +2.
    :: Fights regardless of player's faction.
    :: 5 Players required to start olympaid.
    :: 1 Week cycle - 1/4 hero reward.
    :: Hero skills are disabled in maps.
    :: Hero weapons are wearable only by players with at least rank 40 and there are enough players inside the event.
    :: Registration to olympaid is open only for players with at least rank 10.

    Voiced commands
    :: .info - used during events to show the top players, the score of each team, the goal of the current event and to see own score.
    :: .playalone / .playinparty - turn on/off random parties while joining events.
    :: .joinparty - auto join a party during a main event.
    :: .debug - used to help debugging ingame features, by getting a detailed html about them.

    :: 5 Members maximum in main events.
    :: Only one healer allowed in a party.
    :: Advanced exp / adena sharing system.
    :: Brown title color for party members.

    :: No clan penalties.
    :: 15 Members maximum in main clan.
    :: 5 Extra members for every royal guard/royal knight the clan has.
    :: 2 Clans maximum in an alliance.
    :: Free leveling up to level 2.
    :: Levels 3, 4 and 5 requires SP and quest items (buyable from GM shop).
    :: Levels 6, 7, 8 and 11 requires reputation points.
    :: Levels 9 and 10 requires reputation points and quest items (buyable from GM shop).

    For more information visit:
    :: Website: http://l2ovc.com
    :: Forum: http://l2ovc.com/forum
    :: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2OvC

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=24157.0