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    [L2j] [Hi5] L2Inferno starting today 25x
    « on: November 01, 2015, 02:33:04 AM »
    today starting new server on 25x rates.


    New clans get 3lv + 5000 clan reps.

    Basic Information                                   
    XP x25                           
    SP x25
    Drop x20
    Spoil x20
    Adena x40
    Party xp/sp x2
    Safe 4
    Max 16   
    Normal scroll rate : 60%
    Blessed scroll rate : 66%
    Max Lvl 9
    Attribute Stone success rate : 60%
    Attribute Crystal success rate : 50%
    Attribute Jewel success rate : 40%
    Masterwork item Craft Rate : 10%
    Custom Npcs
    GM shop
    Global GK
    Premium Npc
    Prime shop Npc
    Delevel Manager Npc
    Buffs 24+4 from DI     
    Dances/Songs 16
    Duration 1hr
    (Buffs in buffer only till 2nd Prof for more need buffer class)
    .buffshop command in game
    Increased Weight Limit and Spawn Protection
    Premium account system
    From 80 lvl you need more exp to lvl up
    Subclass max lvl 84
    Monster information drop/spoil with shift + click
    Blue mobs spoilable no spoil penalty
    Olympiad Period 14 days
    Gm shop till S grade
    4 windows
    Raid bosses
    retail like
    Open world raids 74 to 80 drops dynasty,morai and blessed enchants instead of S and normal enchants

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