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    [L2j]-High5-60-MidPvP *L2Vile, Launch MARCH 12, 2016!
    « on: March 06, 2016, 11:22:39 AM »


      Features are WORK IN PROGRESS and can be revised and added too by launch date.

      • 60x XP
      • 80x SP
      • 5x Adena (Custom areas have much higher adena drops)
      • 1x Spoils, 1x Drops
      • 1x Raid Drops
      • 70% enchant rates(boosted on weekends to 75% during enchant rate event)
      • +3 safe enchant
      • Boosted element success, stones 70%, crystals 60%.


      • 60 minute buff times.
      • Advanced customized NPC buffer, that can buff/heal/cancel you and your pet, you can make SCHEMES or pick single buffs, not useable in combat.
      • Buffs 26(+4 with divine inspiration)
      • Dances & Songs do not consume extra MP per dance/song.
      • Olympiad buffer will offer improved buffs.

      Various Features:

      • Characters start with top no-grade items, shots, potions, to get you started.
      • Auctioneer has been updated too sell much more useful items(list soon.)
      • Daily login reward via mail.
      • You can find our NPC's located in Giran - Armor Merchant/Weapon Merchant/Misc. Merchant/Mammon Merchant. Buffers are in all towns.
      • Random "Vile" monsters spawned around world, stronger with great exp/drop rewards. mobs are non-aggressive, optional to provoke.
      • Watermelon seeds and nectar will drop world wide. You can summon watermelon too kill and gain EXP/Items. If you have a clan hall you can exchange small seeds and nectar for large watermelons for greater rewards.
      • Mana potions NOT usable while flagged, only during PvE.
      • Party Recall increased cooldown too 10 minutes.
      • BSOE's have been removed from the game, this interrupts good PvP and is something that should have never been implemented on L2.(read karma rules)
      • Karma rules: You cannot drop equipped items or adena, BUT you can drop anything in your inventory that isnt equipped. Dropping hard earned gear is too harsh and due to no BSOE's disabled.
      • Max subclass level raised too 85.
      • Enchant glows changed to better distinguish your fellow players. Blue starting from +5~+9 Green from +10~+12 Yellow from +13~+15 and +16 being red/orange.
      • Vote Reward system via website to gain a beneficial buff ingame, you must login and go to the vote panel.

      You are free to level where ever you want, but our custom areas give more EXP and currency.

      • Newbie gatekeeper to help you navigate too next zones.
      • Custom leveling zones with boosted EXP from level 1-80.
      • Levels 1-20-> Start area.
      • Levels 20-40-> Graverobber Hideout
      • Levels 40-50-> Plunderous Plains
      • Levels 50-60-> Outlaw Forest
      • Levels 60-70-> Enchanted Valley
      • Levels 70-76-> Wall of Argos
      • Levels 76+-> Imperial Tomb
      • You can find 'Enhanced monsters' inside custom leveling areas with some luck, they give much more EXP and drop useful items to aid your adventure.(60 minute respawn)
      • Vitality Replenishing Herb Tea drop from enhanced monsters in custom leveling areas.(Replenishes and maintains vitality for 30 minutes).

      Primary Farm Zones:

      • Mithril Mines (80+)
      • Catacomb of the Forbidden (80+)
      • The Saint's Necropolis (80+)
      • Mini Raids can be found in our 80+ areas listed above, with a respawn time of 30 minutes(+10minute window).

      Raid bosses in our custom leveling/farm areas have been boosted to level 85 and drop awesome loots. Dropping loads of adena, currency chests, codex chests, lifestone chests, element chests, enchant chests, clan egg chests also small chance too get SA crystals and raid boss weapons.
      Current list of boosted bosses:
      • Boss Akata
      • Rayito the Looter
      • Nellis' Vengeful Spirit
      • Captain of Red Flag Shaka
      • Bandit Leader Barda
      • Roaring Lord Kastor
      • Ketra Commander Atis
      • King Tarlk
      • Carnage Lord Gato
      • Refugee Applicant Leo
      • Paniel the Unicorn
      • Enchanted Forest Watcher Ruell
      • Furious Thieles
      • Fairy Queen Timiniel
      • Messenger of Fairy Queen Berun
      • Plague Golem
      • Daimon the White-Eyed
      • Shadow of Halisha(4-Sepulchers)

      Clan Hall Benefits:
      Owning a clan hall will benefit you more now.
      • Clan hall shop updated with more useful items
      • Ability too upgrade watermelon seeds to large watermelon seeds(more EXP and drops).
      • Global Gatekeeper are in all clan halls.

      7Signs Revamp:
      Seven Signs is a primary feature here!

      • Ancient adena will be a primary currency, KEEP it.
      • Catacomb of the Forbidden & The Saint's Necropolis have been boosted to level 85 areas, with higher Spam is not allowed stones/adena and other useful drops.
      • Quest "Yoke of the Past" quest should be picked up, you will be able to buy enchant scrolls and other goodies with blank scrolls.
      • For top S84, SA's will need too be added through blacksmith of mammon(spawned in town).
      • For top S84 {PvP} status, you will need to talk with blacksmith of mammon.
      • You can find other useful items available through the merchant of mammon(spawned in town).
      • SA/{PvP} Rules: Use Mammon to add SA->Enchant/Augment Kept. Too add {PvP} status requires a SA->Keeps enchant/augment. Once {PvP} status added-> Cannot remove augment.

      Take your party too challenge the Rift, all Rift monsters are level 85 and drop heaps of adena and other goodies.

      • Each participant needs 50 Dimensional Fragments too enter the rift(found by hunting in necropolis'/catacombs).
      • A minimum of 2 party members required to enter.
      • You have 5 minutes to defeat your enemies per room, before you are teleported to a new room.
      • You have 40 minutes to complete your Rift session.


      • Automated TvT event every 2 hours.
      • Maps will be changed on a weekly basis.
      • Self buffs only during events, party up with support classes for a better chance.
      • Double adena rate event every weekend(from 5x to 10x)
      • Enchant rate event every weekend from 70% to 75%.

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