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    [L2J] IFRIT 10X OPEN BETA 10-06-216 HIGH FIVE
    « on: June 10, 2016, 09:25:23 AM »
    Good day to all

    After several failed attempts at opening our server today we are pleased to announce that is already almost everything ready for you. I hope will be welcome to all new and old players in Lineage 2.

    Our server is based on the version / chronic HIGH FIVE.
    Remind the server has Antiboot L2JGUARD protection and ANTIDDOSATACK
    and if any player is found using illegal programs for the game will be severely punished. especially those who use payment programs .Adrenaline / ETC l2Tower.
    These are the characteristics of our server HIGH FIVE:

    -Ex 10 x
    -Drop Adena 15 x
    -Drop Items 10x
    -Spoil 15x
    -Drop recipe 1x
    -Drop Keys 1x
    -Manor 2x
    -Extract Fish 5x
    -Elemetal stone 50% rate
    -Crystal Stone 30% rate
    -Scroll Enchants Normal 50%
    -Element max level 7
    -Blesed Scroll Enchants 55%
    -Safe Enchant +4
    ***Olympiad Features***
    -Max enchant  Armor +4
    -Max enchant Weapon +4
    -Max enchant Jewels +4
    -heroes every 15 days
    -Proteccion IP 1 player for  ip

    ***Unique Communty Board***

    ***Clan Board Recluit/Info***


    ***Other features of the server***
    -System Champioms
    -Event Glitering Medal Trade for items in gm shop
    -Event reward in Events TvT/Koream/Thesure Chest
    -Vote reward trade for special items in Gmshop
    -Sieges all weekends
    -Territory war 15 Days
    -Buff Dances and Song 2 hours duration.
    -Buff slot 26 slots
    -Dances Song 16 slots
    -Maxime clients pc 4
    -Geodata and phatnodes.
    -Sub-Class Free without Quest
    -Sub-Class Max. Level : 85
    -Class Master
    -Off-line Shop mode
    -Off-line Buffers mode
    -Auto Learn Skills
    -Auto Learn Loot
    -Vitality System
    -Antibot L2JGUARD.
    -Command .report

    ***Features dedicated server***
    -CPU :  Intel core i74790k
            4c/8t 4.0 GHz/4.4 GHz
    -RAM: 32 GB DDR3 1333 MHz
    -Disk: 2x 240 GB SSD
    -Bandwidth: 1Gbps
    Proteecion Antiddos Atack Pro  OVH

    ***OPEN BETA***
    Day: 10-06-2016
    Hour: 10:00 AM  GMT-5


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